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{1 Kings 19:8} And he arose, 6965 z8799 and did eat 398 z8799 and drink, 8354 z8799 and went y3212 z8799 x1980 in the strength 3581 of that x1931 meat 396 forty 705 days 3117 and forty 705 nights 3915 unto x5704 Horeb 2722 the mount 2022 of God. 430
in the strength:
"And at the endª¹ of tenª daysª their countenancesª appearedª° fairerª and fatterª in fleshª than¹ all¹ the childrenª which did eatª°¹ the portion²° of the king's² meat.ª¹" {Dan 1:15} + "Andª he saidª° unto me,ª Myª graceª is sufficientª° for thee:ª forª myª strengthª is made perfectª° inª weakness.² Most gladly²¹ thereforeª will I²° ratherª gloryª° inª myª infirmities,ª thatª the¹ powerª of Christª may restª° uponª me.ª" {2Co 12:9}
forty days:
"And Mosesª wentª° into the midstª of the cloud,ª and gat him upª° into¹ the mount:ª and Mosesª was¹ in the mountª fortyª daysª and fortyª nights.ª" {Exd 24:18} + "And he was¹ there¹ with¹ the LORDª fortyª daysª and fortyª nights;ª he did neither¹ eatª° bread,ª nor¹ drinkª° water.ª And he wroteª° upon¹ the tablesª¹ the wordsª of the covenant,ª the tenª commandments.ª" {Exd 34:28} + "When I was gone upª° into the mountª to receiveª° the tablesª of stone,ª [even] the tablesª of the covenantª which¹ the LORDª madeª° with¹ you, then I abodeª° in the mountª fortyª daysª and fortyª nights,ª I neither¹ did eatª° breadª nor¹ drinkª° water:ª" {Deu 9:9} + "And I fell downª° beforeª the LORD,ª as at the first,ª fortyª daysª and fortyª nights:ª I did neither¹ eatª° bread,ª nor¹ drinkª° water,ª because of¹ all¹ your sinsª which¹ ye sinned,ª° in doingª° wickedlyª in the sightª of the LORD,ª to provoke him to anger.ª°" {Deu 9:18} + "Andª when he had fastedª° fortyª daysª andª fortyª nights,ª he was afterward² an hungred.ª°¹" {Mtt 4:2} + "Andª he wasª° thereª inª the¹ wildernessª fortyª days,ª temptedª° ofª Satan;ª andª wasª° withª the¹ wild beasts;ª andª the¹ angelsª ministeredª° unto him.ª" {Mrk 1:13} + "Being²° fortyª daysª temptedª° ofª the¹ devil.ª Andª inª thoseª daysª he did¹ eatª° nothing:ª² andª when theyª were ended,ª° he afterwardª hungered.ª°" {Lke 4:2}
"Now Mosesª keptªª°°¹ the flockª of Jethroª his father in law,ª° the priestª of Midian:ª and he ledª°¹ the flockª to the backsideª of the desert,ª and cameª° to¹ the mountainª of God,ª [even] to Horeb.ª" {Exd 3:1} + "And mountª Sinaiª was altogether¹ on a smoke,ª° becauseªª¹ the LORDª descendedª° upon¹ it in fire:ª and the smokeª thereof ascendedª° as the smokeª of a furnace,ª and the whole¹ mountª quakedª° greatly.ª" {Exd 19:18} + "Rememberª° ye the lawª of Mosesª my servant,ª which¹ I commanded²° unto¹ him in Horebª for¹ all¹ Israel,ª [with] the statutesª and judgments.ª ... Behold,¹ I¹ will sendª° you¹ Elijahª the prophetª beforeª the comingª° of the greatª and dreadfulª° dayª of the LORD:ª" {Mal 4:4-5}

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