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{1 Kings 18:40} And Elijah 452 said 559 z8799 unto them, Take 8610 z8798 x853 the prophets 5030 of Baal; 1168 let not x408 one 376 of them x4480 escape. 4422 z8735 And they took 8610 z8799 them: and Elijah 452 brought them down 3381 z8686 to x413 the brook 5158 Kishon, 7028 and slew 7819 z8799 them there. x8033
or, Apprehend, "And it came to pass,¹ as soon as he had made an endª° of offeringª° the burnt offering,ª that Jehuª saidª° to the guardª° and to the captains,ª Go in,ª° [and] slayª° them; let noneª¹ come forth.ª° And they smoteª° them with the edgeª of the sword;ª and the guardª° and the captainsª cast [them] out,ª° and went²°¹ to¹ the cityª of the houseª of Baal.ª" {2Kg 10:25}
"The riverª of Kishonª swept them away,ª° that ancientª river,ª the riverª Kishon.ª O my soul,ª thou hast trodden downª° strength.ª" {Jdg 5:21}
slew them there:
"And that¹ prophet,ª or¹ that¹ dreamerª° of dreams,ª shall be put to death;ª° because¹ he hath spokenª° to turn² [you] away¹ from¹ the LORDª your God,ª which brought you outª°¹ of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª and redeemedª° you out of the houseª¹ of bondage,ª to thrustª° thee out of¹ the wayª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª commandedª° thee to walk¹ in.²° So shalt thou put²° the evil² awayª°¹ from the midstª¹ of thee." {Deu 13:5} + "But¹ the prophet,ª which¹ shall presumeª° to speakª° a wordª in my name,ª¹ which¹ I have not¹ commandedª° him to speak,ª° or that¹ shall speakª° in the nameª of otherª gods,ª even that¹ prophetª shall die.ª°" {Deu 18:20} + "Cursedª° [be] he that doethª° the workª of the LORDª deceitfully,ª and cursedª° [be] he that keepeth backª° his swordª from blood.ª¹" {Jer 48:10} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª [that] I will cut offª°¹ the namesª of the idolsª out of¹ the land,ª and they shall no¹ more¹ be remembered:ª° and also¹ I will cause¹ the prophetsª and the uncleanª spiritª to passª° out of¹ the land.ª ... And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] when¹ anyª shall yet¹ prophesy,ª° then his fatherª and his motherª that begatª° him shall sayª° unto¹ him, Thou shalt not¹ live;ª° for¹ thou speakestª° liesª in the nameª of the LORD:ª and his fatherª and his motherª that begatª° him shall thrust²° him through¹ when he prophesieth.ª°" {Zch 13:2-3} + "Andª the¹ beastª was taken,ª° andª withª himª the¹ false prophetª that wroughtª° miraclesª beforeª him,ª withª whichª he deceivedª° them that had receivedª° the¹ markª of the¹ beast,ª andª them that worshippedª° his²¹ image.ª These bothª were castª° aliveª° intoª a lakeª of fireª burningª° withª brimstone.ª" {Rev 19:20} + "Andª the¹ devilª that deceivedª° themª was castª° intoª the¹ lakeª of fireª andª brimstone,ª whereª the¹ beastª andª the¹ false prophetª [are], andª shall be tormentedª° dayª andª nightª for² ever² and ever.ª¹" {Rev 20:10}

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