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{1 Kings 10:28} And Solomon 8010 had horses 5483 brought 4161 out of Egypt, 4714 x4480 and linen yarn: 4723 x4480 the king's 4428 merchants 5503 z8802 received 3947 z8799 the linen yarn 4723 x4480 at a price. 4242
etc. Heb. the going forth of the horses which was Solomon's
horses brought:
"But¹ he shall not¹ multiplyª° horsesª to himself, nor¹ cause¹ the peopleª to returnª° to Egypt,ª to the end that¹ he should multiplyª° horses:ª forasmuch as the LORDª hath saidª° unto you, Ye shall henceforthª° returnª° no¹ more¹ that¹ way.ª" {Deu 17:16} + "And Solomonª had horsesª brought² out¹ of Egypt,ª¹ and linen yarn:ª the king'sª merchantsª° receivedª° the linen yarnª at a price.ª ... And they fetched up,ª° and brought forthª° out of Egyptª¹ a chariotª for sixª hundredª [shekels] of silver,ª and an horseª for an hundredª and fifty:ª and so¹ brought they outª° [horses] for all¹ the kingsª of the Hittites,ª and for the kingsª of Syria,ª by their means.ª" {2Ch 1:16-17} + "And they broughtª° unto Solomonª horsesª out of Egypt,ª¹ and out of all¹¹ lands.ª" {2Ch 9:28} + "Woeª to them that go downª° to Egyptª for help;ª and stayª° on¹ horses,ª and trustª° in¹ chariots,ª because¹ [they are] many;ª and in¹ horsemen,ª because¹ they are very² strong;ª°¹ but they lookª° not¹ unto¹ the Holy Oneª of Israel,ª neither¹ seekª° the LORD!ª ... Now the Egyptiansª [are] men,ª and not¹ God;ª and their horsesª flesh,ª and not¹ spirit.ª When the LORDª shall stretch outª° his hand,ª both he that helpethª° shall fall,ª° and he that is holpenª° shall fall down,ª° and they all¹ shall failª° together.ª" {Isa 31:1-3} + "How¹ then wilt thou turn awayª°¹ the faceª of oneª captainª of the leastª of my master'sª servants,ª and put thy trustª° on¹ Egyptª for chariotsª and for horsemen?ª" {Isa 36:9}
and linen yarn:
"And Pharaohª took offª°¹ his ringª from¹¹ his hand,ª and putª° it upon¹ Joseph'sª hand,ª and arrayedª° him in vesturesª of fine linen,ª and putª° a goldª chainª about¹ his neck;ª" {Gen 41:42} + "I have deckedª° my bedª with coverings² of tapestry,¹ with carvedª [works], with fine linenª of Egypt.ª" {Prv 7:16} + "Moreover they that workª° in fineª flax,ª and they that weaveª° networks,ª shall be confounded.ª°" {Isa 19:9} + "Fine linenª with broidered workª from Egyptª¹ was¹ that which thou spreadest forthª to be¹ thy sail;ª blueª and purpleª from the islesª¹ of Elishahª was¹ that which coveredª thee." {Ezk 27:7}

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