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{1 Kings 9:11} ([Now] Hiram 2438 the king 4428 of Tyre 6865 had furnished 5375 z8765 x853 Solomon 8010 with cedar 730 trees 6086 and fir 1265 trees, 6086 and with gold, 2091 according to all x3605 his desire,) 2656 that then 227 king 4428 Solomon 8010 gave 5414 z8799 Hiram 2438 twenty 6242 cities 5892 in the land 776 of Galilee. 1551
Now Hiram:
"Now¹ therefore commandª° thou that they hewª° me cedar treesª out of¹ Lebanon;ª and my servantsª shall be¹ with¹ thy servants:ª and unto thee will I giveª° hireª for thy servantsª according to all¹ that¹ thou shalt appoint:ª° for¹ thou¹ knowestª° that¹ [there is] not¹ among us anyª that can skillª° to hewª° timberª like unto the Sidonians.ª ... So Hiramª gaveª° Solomonª cedarª treesª and firª treesª [according to] all¹ his desire.ª" {1Kg 5:6-10} + "Sendª° me also cedarª trees,ª fir trees,ª and algum trees,ª out of Lebanon:ª¹ for¹ I¹ knowª° that¹ thy servantsª can skillª° to cutª° timberª in Lebanon;ª and, behold,¹ my servantsª [shall be] with¹ thy servants,ª ... And, behold,¹ I will giveª° to thy servants,ª the hewersª° that cutª° timber,ª twentyª thousandª measuresª of beatenª wheat,ª and twentyª thousandª measuresª of barley,ª and twentyª thousandª bathsª of wine,ª and twentyª thousandª bathsª of oil.ª" {2Ch 2:8-10} + "And we¹ will cutª° woodª out of¹ Lebanon,ª as much as thou¹ shalt need:ª and we will bringª° it to thee in floatsª by¹ seaª to Joppa;ª and thou¹ shalt carry it upª°¹ to Jerusalem.ª" {2Ch 2:16}
king Solomon:
"That the citiesª which¹ Huram²¹ had restoredª° to Solomon,ª Solomonª builtª° them, and caused¹ the childrenª of Israelª to dwellª° there.¹" {2Ch 8:2}
of Galilee:
"And they appointedª°¹ Kedeshª in Galileeª in mountª Naphtali,ª and Shechemª in mountª Ephraim,ª and Kirjatharba,ª which¹ [is] Hebron,ª in the mountainª of Judah.ª" {Jsh 20:7}

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