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{1 Kings 8:50} And forgive 5545 z8804 thy people 5971 that x834 have sinned 2398 z8804 against thee, and all x3605 their transgressions 6588 wherein x834 they have transgressed 6586 z8804 against thee, and give 5414 z8804 them compassion 7356 before 6440 them who carried them captive, 7617 z8802 that they may have compassion y7355 z8765 on x7355 them:
and give them:
"For¹ if ye turn againª° unto¹ the LORD,ª your brethrenª and your childrenª [shall find] compassionª beforeª them that lead them captive,ª° so that they shall come againª° into this¹ land:ª for¹ the LORDª your Godª [is] graciousª and merciful,ª and will not¹ turn awayª° [his] faceª from¹ you, if¹ ye returnª° unto¹ him." {2Ch 30:9} + "This¹ Ezraª went upª° from Babylon;ª¹ and he¹ [was] a readyª scribeª° in the lawª of Moses,ª which¹ the LORDª Godª of Israelª had given:ª° and the kingª grantedª° him all¹ his request,ª according to the handª of the LORDª his Godª upon¹ him." {Ezr 7:6} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª which¹ hath putª° [such a thing] as this¹ in the king'sª heart,ª to beautifyª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª which¹ [is] in Jerusalem:ª ... And hath extendedª° mercyª unto¹ me beforeª the king,ª and his counsellors,ª° and before all¹ the king'sª mightyª princes.ª And I¹ was strengthenedª° as the handª of the LORDª my Godª [was] upon¹ me, and I gathered togetherª° out of Israelª¹ chief menª to go upª° with¹ me." {Ezr 7:27-28} + "O Lord,ª I beseechª thee, let now¹ thine earª be¹ attentiveª to¹ the prayerª of thy servant,ª and to¹ the prayerª of thy servants,ª who desireª to fearª°¹ thy name:ª and prosper,ª° I pray¹ thee, thy servantª this day,ª and grantª° him mercyª in the sightª of this¹ man.ª For I¹ was¹ the king'sª cupbearer.²°¹" {Neh 1:11} + "Then the kingª saidª° unto me, For¹ what¹¹ dost thou¹ make request?ª° So I prayedª° to¹ the Godª of heaven.ª ... And a letterª unto¹ Asaphª the keeperª° of the king'sª forest,ª that¹ he may giveª° me timberª to make beamsª° for¹ the gatesª of the palaceª which¹ [appertained] to the house,ª and for the wallª of the city,ª and for the houseª that¹ I shall enter¹ into.²°¹ And the kingª grantedª° me, according to the goodª handª of my Godª upon¹ me." {Neh 2:4-8} + "He madeª° them also to be pitiedª ofª all¹ those that carried them captives.ª°" {Psa 106:46} + "When a man'sª waysª pleaseª° the LORD,ª he maketh even¹ his enemiesª° to be at peaceª° with¹ him." {Prv 16:7} + "Now Godª had broughtª°¹ Danielª into favourª and tender loveª withª the princeª of the eunuchs.ª ... And the princeª of the eunuchsª saidª° unto Daniel,ª I¹ fear²¹¹ my lordª the king,ª who¹ hath appointedª°¹ your meatª and your drink:ª for¹ why¹ should he seeª°¹ your facesª worse likingª° than¹ the childrenª which¹ [are] of your sort?ª then shall ye make [me] endangerª°¹ my headª to the king.ª" {Dan 1:9-10} + "Andª deliveredª° himª out ofª allª hisª afflictions,ª andª gaveª° himª favourª andª wisdomª in the sightª of Pharaohª kingª of Egypt;ª andª he madeª° himª governorª° overª Egyptª andª allª his²¹ house.ª" {Act 7:10}

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