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{1 Kings 8:34} Then hear 8085 z8799 thou x859 in heaven, 8064 and forgive 5545 z8804 the sin 2403 of thy people 5971 Israel, 3478 and bring them again 7725 z8689 unto x413 the land 127 which x834 thou gavest 5414 z8804 unto their fathers. 1
forgive the sin:
"And hearkenª° thou to¹ the supplicationª of thy servant,ª and of thy peopleª Israel,ª when¹ they shall prayª° toward¹ this¹ place:ª and hearª° thou¹ in¹ heavenª thy dwellingª° place:ª and when thou hearest,ª° forgive.ª°" {1Kg 8:30} + "Now in the firstª yearª of Cyrusª kingª of Persia,ª that the wordª of the LORDª by the mouthª¹ of Jeremiahª might be fulfilled,ª° the LORDª stirred upª°¹ the spiritª of Cyrusª kingª of Persia,ª that he made a proclamationªª° throughout all¹ his kingdom,ª and [put it] also¹ in writing,ª saying,ª° ... And all¹ they that [were] aboutª them strengthenedª° their handsª with vesselsª of silver,ª with gold,ª with goods,ª and with beasts,ª and with precious things,ª beside all¹¹¹ [that] was willingly offered.ª°" {Ezr 1:1-6} + "Saveª° us, O LORDª our God,ª and gatherª° us from among¹ the heathen,ª to give thanksª° unto thy holyª name,ª [and] to triumphª° in thy praise.ª" {Psa 106:47} + "Again¹ I will buildª° thee, and thou shalt be built,ª° O virginª of Israel:ª thou shalt again¹ be adornedª° with thy tabrets,ª and shalt go forthª° in the dancesª of them that make merry.ª° ... They shall comeª° with weeping,ª and with supplicationsª will I leadª° them: I will cause them to walk²°¹ by¹ the riversª of watersª in a straightª way,ª wherein they shall not¹ stumble:ª° for¹ I am¹ a fatherª to Israel,ª and Ephraimª [is] my firstborn.ª" {Jer 31:4-9} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will sowª°¹ the houseª of Israelª and the houseª of Judahª with the seedª of man,ª and with the seedª of beast.ª" {Jer 31:27} + "Behold,¹ I will gather¹ them out²° of all¹¹ countries,ª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them in mine anger,ª and in my fury,ª and in greatª wrath;ª and I will bring them againª° unto¹ this¹ place,ª and I will cause them to dwellª° safely:ª" {Jer 32:37} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Again¹ there shall be heardª° in this¹ place,ª which¹ ye¹ sayª° [shall be] desolateª without¹¹ manª and without¹¹ beast,ª [even] in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem,ª that are desolate,ª° without¹¹ man,ª and without¹¹ inhabitant,ª° and without¹¹ beast,ª ... In the citiesª of the mountains,ª in the citiesª of the vale,ª and in the citiesª of the south,ª and in the landª of Benjamin,ª and in the places aboutª Jerusalem,ª and in the citiesª of Judah,ª shall the flocksª pass¹ again²°¹ under¹ the handsª of him that tellethª° [them], saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 33:10-13} + "And he hath confirmedª°¹ his words,ª which¹ he spakeª° against¹ us, and against¹ our judgesª° that¹ judgedª° us, by bringingª° upon¹ us a greatª evil:ª for¹ under¹ the whole¹ heavenª hath not¹ been doneª° as¹ hath been doneª° upon Jerusalem.ª" {Dan 9:12} + "O Lord,ª hear;ª° O Lord,ª forgive;ª° O Lord,ª hearkenª° and do;ª° deferª° not,ª for thine own sake,¹ O my God:ª for¹ thy cityª and thy peopleª are calledª° by thy name.ª" {Dan 9:19} + "Knowª° therefore and understand,ª° [that] from¹ the going forthª of the commandmentª to restoreª° and to buildª° Jerusalemª unto¹ the Messiahª the Princeª [shall be] sevenª weeks,ª and threescoreª and twoª weeks:ª the streetª shall be builtª° again,ª° and the wall,ª even in troublousª times.ª" {Dan 9:25} + "And it came to pass,¹ [that] when¹ they had made an endª° of eatingª°¹ the grassª of the land,ª then I said,ª° O Lordª GOD,ª forgive,ª° I beseech thee:¹ by whom¹ shall Jacobª arise?ª° for¹ he¹ [is] small.ª" {Ams 7:2}
which thou gavest:
"For¹¹ all¹ the landª which¹ thou¹ seest,ª° to thee will I give¹ it,²° and to thy seedª for² ever.ª¹" {Gen 13:15} + "And I will bring²° you in¹¹ unto¹ the land,ª concerning the which¹ I did swearªª°¹ to giveª° it to Abraham,ª to Isaac,ª and to Jacob;ª and I will giveª° it you for an heritage:ª I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Exd 6:8} + "And the LORDª gaveª° unto Israelª¹ all¹ the landª which¹ he swareª° to giveª° unto their fathers;ª and they possessedª° it, and dweltª° therein." {Jsh 21:43}

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