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{1 Kings 7:51} So was ended 7999 z8799 all x3605 the work 4399 that x834 king 4428 Solomon 8010 made 6213 z8804 for the house 1004 of the LORD. 3068 And Solomon 8010 brought in 935 z8686 x853 the things which David 1732 his father 1 had dedicated; 6944 [even] x853 the silver, 3701 and the gold, 2091 and the vessels, 3627 did he put 5414 z8804 among the treasures 214 of the house 1004 of the LORD. 3068
was ended:
"And he reared upª°¹ the courtª round aboutª the tabernacleª and the altar,ª and set upª°¹ the hangingª of the courtª gate.ª So Mosesª finishedª°¹ the work.ª" {Exd 40:33} + "And thisª houseª was finishedª° onª the thirdª dayª of the monthª Adar,ª which¹ was² in the sixthª yearª of the reignª of Dariusª the king.ª" {Ezr 6:15} + "The handsª of Zerubbabelª have laid the foundationª° of this¹ house;ª his handsª shall also finishª° it; and thou shalt knowª° that¹ the LORDª of hostsª hath sentª° me unto¹ you." {Zch 4:9}
Solomon brought:
It appears, therefore, that Solomon did not use any of the gold and silver in the structure of the temple which his father had provided.
things which David his father had dedicated:
Heb. holy things of David, "And Davidª tookª°¹ the shieldsª of goldª that¹ were¹ on¹ the servantsª of Hadadezer,ª and broughtª° them to Jerusalem.ª ... Which also¹ kingª Davidª did dedicateª° unto the LORD,ª with¹ the silverª and goldª that¹ he had dedicatedª° of all¹¹ nationsª which¹ he subdued;ª°" {2Sm 8:7-11} + "And Davidª tookª°¹ the shieldsª of goldª that¹ were¹ on¹ the servantsª of Hadarezer,ª and broughtª° them to Jerusalem.ª ... Likewise from Tibhath,ª¹ and from Chun,ª¹ citiesª of Hadarezer,ª broughtª° Davidª veryª muchª brass,ª wherewith Solomonª madeª°¹ the brasenª sea,ª and the pillars,ª and the vesselsª of brass.ª" {1Ch 18:7-8} + "He sentª°¹ Hadoramª his sonª to¹ kingª David,ª to enquireª° of his welfare,ª and to congratulateª° him, because¹¹ he had foughtª° against Hadarezer,ª and smittenª° him; (for¹ Hadarezerª had warªª¹ with Tou;)ª and [with him] all manner¹ of vesselsª of goldª and silverª and brass.ª ... Them also¹ kingª Davidª dedicatedª° unto the LORD,ª with¹ the silverª and the goldª that¹ he broughtª° from all¹¹ [these] nations;ª from Edom,ª¹ and from Moab,ª¹ and from the childrenª¹ of Ammon,ª and from the Philistines,ª¹ and from Amalek.ª¹" {1Ch 18:10-11} + "Which¹ Shelomithª and his brethrenª [were] over¹ all¹ the treasuresª of the dedicated things,ª which¹ Davidª the king,ª and the chiefª fathers,ª the captainsª over thousandsª and hundreds,ª and the captainsª of the host,ª had dedicated.ª° ... And all¹ that Samuelª the seer,²°¹ and Saulª the sonª of Kish,ª and Abnerª the sonª of Ner,ª and Joabª the sonª of Zeruiah,ª had dedicated;ª° [and] whosoever¹ had dedicatedª° [any thing, it was] under¹ the handª of Shelomith,ª and of his brethren.ª" {1Ch 26:26-28} + "Then Davidª gaveª° to Solomonª his sonª¹ the patternª of the porch,ª and of the housesª thereof, and of the treasuriesª thereof, and of the upper chambersª thereof, and of the innerª parloursª thereof, and of the placeª of the mercy seat,ª ... And for the altarª of incenseª refinedª° goldª by weight;ª and goldª for the patternª of the chariotª of the cherubims,ª that spread outª° [their wings], and coveredª° the arkª of the covenantª of the LORD.ª" {1Ch 28:11-18} + "Now I have preparedª° with all¹ my mightª for the houseª of my Godª the goldª for [things to be made] of gold,ª and the silverª for [things] of silver,ª and the brassª for [things] of brass,ª the ironª for [things] of iron,ª and woodª for [things] of wood;ª onyxª stones,ª and [stones] to be set,ª glisteringª stones,ª and of divers colours,ª and all manner¹ of preciousª stones,ª and marbleª stonesª in abundance.ª ... And they with¹ whom [precious] stonesª were foundª° gaveª° [them] to the treasureª of the houseª of the LORD,ª by¹ the handª of Jehielª the Gershonite.ª" {1Ch 29:2-8} + "Thus all¹ the workª that¹ Solomonª madeª° for the houseª of the LORDª was finished:ª° and Solomonª brought²° in¹¹ [all] the thingsª° that Davidª his fatherª had dedicated;ª and the silver,ª and the gold,ª and all¹ the instruments,ª putª° he among the treasuresª of the houseª of God.ª" {2Ch 5:1}

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