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{1 Kings 3:6} And Solomon 8010 said, 559 z8799 Thou x859 hast shewed 6213 z8804 unto x5973 thy servant 5650 David 1732 my father 1 great 1419 mercy, 2617 according as x834 he walked 1980 z8804 before 6440 thee in truth, 571 and in righteousness, 6666 and in uprightness 3483 of heart 3824 with x5973 thee; and thou hast kept 8104 z8799 for him x853 this x2088 great 1419 kindness, 2617 that thou hast given 5414 z8799 him a son 1121 to sit 3427 z8802 on x5921 his throne, 3678 as [it is] this x2088 day. 3117
thy servant:
"My servantª Mosesª [is] not¹ so,¹ who¹ [is] faithfulª° in all¹ mine house.ª" {Num 12:7} + "Go²°¹ and tellª°¹ my servantª David,ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Shalt thou¹ buildª° me an houseª for me to dwell¹ in?²°" {2Sm 7:5}
"Now¹ therefore¹ so shalt thou sayª° unto my servantª David,ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª I¹ tookª° thee from¹ the sheepcote,ª from followingª¹ the sheep,ª to be¹ rulerª over¹ my people,ª over¹ Israel:ª ... And when¹ thy daysª be fulfilled,ª° and thou shalt sleepª° with¹ thy fathers,ª I will set upª°¹ thy seedª afterª thee, which¹ shall proceedª° out of thy bowels,ª¹ and I will establishª°¹ his kingdom.ª" {2Sm 7:8-12} + "And Nathanª saidª° to¹ David,ª Thou¹ [art] the man.ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª I¹ anointedª° thee kingª over¹ Israel,ª and I¹ deliveredª° thee out of the handª¹ of Saul;ª ... And I gaveª° thee¹ thy master'sª house,ª and thy master'sª wivesª into thy bosom,ª and gaveª° thee¹ the houseª of Israelª and of Judah;ª and if¹ [that had been] too little,ª I would moreover have givenª° unto thee suchª and such¹ things.²" {2Sm 12:7-8} + "The LORDª liveth;ª and blessedª° [be] my rock;ª and exaltedª° be the Godª of the rockª of my salvation.ª ... [He is] the towerª°²° of salvationª for his king:ª and shewethª° mercyª to his anointed,ª unto David,ª and to his seedª for² evermore.ª¹" {2Sm 22:47-51} + "Both richesª and honourª [come] of¹¹ thee,² and thou¹ reignestª° over all;¹ and in thine handª [is] powerª and might;ª and in thine handª [it is] to make great,ª° and to give strengthª° unto all.¹ ... But¹ who¹ [am] I,¹ and what¹ [is] my people,ª that¹ we should be²° ableª¹ to offer so willinglyª° after this sort?¹ for¹ all things¹ [come] of¹ thee, and of thine ownª¹ have we givenª° thee." {1Ch 29:12-14} + "He choseª° Davidª also his servant,ª and tookª° him from the sheepfolds:ªª¹ ... So he fedª° them according to the integrityª of his heart;ª and guidedª° them by the skilfulnessª of his hands.ª" {Psa 78:70-72}
or, bounty, "I will singª° unto the LORD,ª because¹ he hath dealt bountifullyª° with¹ me." {Psa 13:6} + "Returnª° unto thy rest,ª O my soul;ª for¹ the LORDª hath dealt bountifullyª° with¹ thee." {Psa 116:7} + "GIMEL. Deal bountifullyª° with¹ thy servant,ª [that] I may live,ª° and keepª° thy word.ª" {Psa 119:17} + "Thereforeª I thoughtª° it necessaryª to exhortª° the¹ brethren,ª thatª they would go beforeª° untoª you,ª andª make up beforehandª° yourª bounty,ª whereof ye had notice before,ª° that the sameª might beª° ready,ªª asª [a matter of] bounty,ª andª notª asª [of] covetousness.ª" {2Co 9:5} + "Being enrichedª° inª every thingª toª allª bountifulness,ª whichª causethª° throughª usª thanksgivingª to God.ª" {2Co 9:11}
"That¹ the LORDª may continueª°¹ his wordª which¹ he spakeª° concerning¹ me, saying,ª° If¹ thy childrenª take heedª° to¹ their way,ª to walk²°¹ beforeª me in truthª with all¹ their heartª and with all¹ their soul,ª there shall not¹ failª° thee (saidª° he) a manª on¹¹ the throneª of Israel.ª" {1Kg 2:4} + "And if¹ thou¹ wilt walk²°¹ beforeª me, as¹ Davidª thy fatherª walked,ª° in integrityª of heart,ª and in uprightness,ª to doª° according to all¹ that¹ I have commandedª° thee, [and] wilt keepª° my statutesª and my judgments:ª" {1Kg 9:4} + "Because¹ Davidª didª° [that which was]¹ rightª in the eyesª of the LORD,ª and turned not asideª°¹ from any¹¹ [thing] that¹ he commandedª° him all¹ the daysª of his life,ª save only¹ in the matterª of Uriahª the Hittite.ª" {1Kg 15:5} + "I beseech² thee,¹ O LORD,ª rememberª° now¹¹ how¹ I have walkedª° beforeª thee in truthª and with a perfectª heart,ª and have doneª° [that which is] goodª in thy sight.ª And Hezekiahª weptª°² sore.ª¹" {2Kg 20:3} + "He that walkethª° uprightly,ª and workethª° righteousness,ª and speakethª° the truthª in his heart.ª" {Psa 15:2} + "The LORDª rewardedª° me according to my righteousness;ª according to the cleannessª of my handsª hath he recompensedª° me. ... Therefore hath the LORDª recompensedª° me according to my righteousness,ª according to the cleannessª of my handsª in¹ his eyesight.ª" {Psa 18:20-24}
"And also¹ thus¹ saidª° the king,ª Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª which¹ hath givenª° [one] to sitª° on¹ my throneª this day,ª mine eyesª even seeingª° [it]." {1Kg 1:48}

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