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{1 Kings 2:36} And the king 4428 sent 7971 z8799 and called 7121 z8799 for Shimei, 8096 and said 559 z8799 unto him, Build 1129 z8798 thee an house 1004 in Jerusalem, 3389 and dwell 3427 z8804 there, x8033 and go not forth 3318 z8799 x3808 thence x4480 x8033 any x575 whither. 575
"And, behold,¹ [thou hast] with¹ thee Shimeiª the sonª of Gera,ª a Benjamiteª of Bahurim,ª¹ which¹ cursedª° me with a grievousª° curseª in the dayª when I went²°¹ to Mahanaim:ª but he¹ came downª° to meetª° me at Jordan,ª and I swareª° to him by the LORD,ª saying,ª° I will not¹ put thee to deathª° with the sword.ª ... Now¹ therefore hold him not guiltless:ª°¹ for¹ thou¹ [art] a wiseª man,ª and knowestª°¹ what¹ thou oughtest to doª° unto him; but his¹ hoar headª bring thou downª° to the graveª with blood.ª" {1Kg 2:8-9} + "And when kingª Davidª cameª° to¹ Bahurim,ª behold,¹ thence¹¹ came outª° a manª of the familyª¹ of the houseª of Saul,ª whose nameª [was] Shimei,ª the sonª of Gera:ª he came forth,ª° and cursedª° still as he came.ª° ... Then saidª° Abishaiª the sonª of Zeruiahª unto¹ the king,ª Why¹ should this¹ deadª° dogª curseª°¹ my lordª the king?ª let me go over,ª° I pray thee,¹ and take offª°¹ his head.ª" {2Sm 16:5-9} + "A kingª that sitteth¹ in²°¹ the throneª of judgmentª scattereth awayª° all¹ evilª with his eyes.ª" {Prv 20:8} + "A wiseª kingª scatterethª° the wicked,ª and bringethª° the wheelª over¹ them." {Prv 20:26}
No doubt Solomon suspected that Shimei's influence would be dangerous upon his own estate and among his numerous dependents in different parts of the land; and therefore he proposed to him, as the condition of his indemnity for former crimes, that he should live in Jerusalem under his eye, and by no means remove thence. These terms Shimei readily agreed to, and solemnly swore to observe them; and for three years he lived unmolested and in affluence. But growing secure, in contempt of Solomon's authority and of the oath of God, upon an unnecessary business he took a journey, which according to his own engagement forfeited his life. Thus the Lord left him to be infatuated, that due punishment might be inflicted upon him; in order that every ringleader of opposition to Solomon's kingdom might be crushed, and others be intimidated by their examples. Solomon's throne by the death of this man was established in peace, and became a type of the Redeemer's kingdom of peace and righteousness. - Scott. "So kingª Solomonª sent,ª° and they brought him downª° from¹¹ the altar.ª And he cameª° and bowed²° himself¹ to kingª Solomon:ª and Solomonª saidª° unto him, Go²°¹ to thine house.ª" {1Kg 1:53} + "And the kingª said,ª° Let him turnª° to¹ his own house,ª and let him not¹ seeª° my face.ª So Absalomª returnedª° to¹ his own house,ª and sawª° not¹ the king'sª face.ª" {2Sm 14:24} + "So Absalomª dweltª° two full² yearsª¹ in Jerusalem,ª and sawª° not¹ the king'sª face.ª" {2Sm 14:28}

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