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{1 Kings 2:23} Then king 4428 Solomon 8010 sware 7650 z8735 by the LORD, 3068 saying, 559 z8800 God 430 do 6213 z8799 so x3541 to me, and more x3254 also, y3254 z8686 x3541 if x3588 Adonijah 138 have not spoken 1696 z8765 x853 this x2088 word 1697 against his own life. 5315
"And Benhadadª sentª° unto¹ him, and said,ª° The godsª do¹ so²°¹ unto me, and more¹ also,²°¹ if¹ the dustª of Samariaª shall sufficeª° for handfulsª for all¹ the peopleª that¹ followª me." {1Kg 20:10} + "Where¹ thou diest,ª° will I die,ª° and there¹ will I be buried:ª° the LORDª doª° so¹ to me, and moreª° also,¹ [if ought] but¹ deathª partª° thee¹ and me.¹" {Rth 1:17} + "And Saulª answered,ª° Godª do¹ so²°¹ and more¹ also:²°¹ for¹ thou shalt surely²° die,ª° Jonathan.²¹" {1Sm 14:44} + "So¹ doª° Godª to Abner,ª and more¹ also,²°¹ except,¹ as¹ the LORDª hath swornª° to David,ª even¹ so¹ I doª° to him;" {2Sm 3:9} + "And when allª the peopleª cameª° to cause²°¹ Davidª to eatª° meatª while it was yetª day,ª Davidª sware,ª° saying,ª° So¹ doª° Godª to me, and more¹ also,²°¹ if¹¹ I tasteª° bread,ª or¹ ought² else,¹¹ tillª the sunª be down.ª°" {2Sm 3:35} + "And sayª° ye to Amasa,ª [Art] thou¹ not¹ of my bone,ª and of my flesh?ª Godª doª° so¹ to me, and moreª° also,¹ if¹ thou be¹ not¹ captainª of the hostª beforeª me continuallyª¹ in the roomª of Joab.ª" {2Sm 19:13} + "Then he said,ª° Godª doª° so¹ and moreª° also¹ to me, if¹ the headª of Elishaª the sonª of Shaphatª shall standª° on¹ him this day.ª" {2Kg 6:31}
if Adonijah:
We have already seen, that the whole harem of an eastern monarch was a part of the regal succession (see note on "And the counselª of Ahithophel,ª which¹ he counselledª° in those¹ days,ª [was] as¹ if a manª had enquiredª° at the oracleª of God:ª so¹ [was] all¹ the counselª of Ahithophelª both¹ with Davidª and¹ with Absalom.ª" {2Sm 16:23}); and it was treason for a subject to claim any wife or virgin who had once formed a part of it. Solomon evidently considered the request of Adonijah in this light; and was convinced that he was still aiming to seize the crown, to which he considered this as one step. But it is very doubtful, how far the plea either of policy or state necessity can justify Solomon in thus embruing his hands in his brother's blood, whatever might have been his treasonable intentions or conduct.
"So they shall make their own tongueª to fallª° upon¹ themselves: all¹ that seeª° them shall flee away.ª°" {Psa 64:8} + "[As for] the headª of those that compass me about,ª let the mischiefª of their own lipsª coverª° them." {Psa 140:9} + "A fool'sª lipsª enterª° into contention,ª and his mouthª callethª° for strokes.ª ... A fool'sª mouthª [is] his destruction,ª and his lipsª [are] the snareª of his soul.ª" {Prv 18:6-7} + "The wordsª of a wise man'sª mouthª [are] gracious;ª but the lipsª of a foolª will swallow upª° himself." {Ecc 10:12} + "Andª he saithª° unto him,ª Out¹ of² thine ownª mouthª will I judgeª° thee,ª [thou] wickedª servant.ª Thou knewestª° thatª Iª wasª° an austereª man,ª taking upª° thatª I laid²° not² down,ª°¹ andª reapingª° thatª I did²° notª sow:ª°" {Lke 19:22}

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