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{2 Samuel 19:16} And Shimei 8096 the son 1121 of Gera, 1617 a Benjamite, 1145 which x834 [was] of Bahurim, 980 x4480 hasted 4116 z8762 and came down 3381 z8799 with x5973 the men 376 of Judah 3063 to meet 7125 z8800 king 4428 David. 1732
It appears that Shimei was a powerful chieftain in the land; for he had here in his retinue no less than a thousand men. "And when kingª Davidª cameª° to¹ Bahurim,ª behold,¹ thence¹¹ came outª° a manª of the familyª¹ of the houseª of Saul,ª whose nameª [was] Shimei,ª the sonª of Gera:ª he came forth,ª° and cursedª° still as he came.ª° ... And as Davidª and his men²¹ went²°¹ by the way,ª Shimeiª went alongª° on the hill'sª sideª over againstª him, and cursedª° as he went,ª° and threwª° stonesª atª him, and castª° dust.ª" {2Sm 16:5-13} + "And, behold,¹ [thou hast] with¹ thee Shimeiª the sonª of Gera,ª a Benjamiteª of Bahurim,ª¹ which¹ cursedª° me with a grievousª° curseª in the dayª when I went²°¹ to Mahanaim:ª but he¹ came downª° to meetª° me at Jordan,ª and I swareª° to him by the LORD,ª saying,ª° I will not¹ put thee to deathª° with the sword.ª" {1Kg 2:8} + "And the kingª sentª° and calledª° for Shimei,ª and saidª° unto him, Buildª° thee an houseª in Jerusalem,ª and dwellª° there,¹ and go not forthª°¹ thence¹¹ any¹ whither.ª ... So the kingª commandedª°¹ Benaiahª the sonª of Jehoiada;ª which went out,ª° and fellª° upon him, that he died.ª° And the kingdomª was establishedª° in the handª of Solomon.ª" {1Kg 2:36-46}
"And Satanª answeredª°¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° Skin² for skin,ª¹ yea, all¹ that¹ a manª hath will he giveª° for¹ his life.ª" {Job 2:4} + "Giveª° not¹ sleepª to thine eyes,ª nor slumberª to thine eyelids.ª ... Deliver²° thyself¹ as a roeª from the handª¹ [of the hunter], and as a birdª from the handª¹ of the fowler.ª" {Prv 6:4-5} + "Agreeªª°° with thineª adversaryª quickly,ª whilesª² thou¹ artª° inª the¹ wayª withª him;ª lest at any timeª the¹ adversaryª deliverª° theeª to the¹ judge,ª andª the¹ judgeª deliverª° theeª to the¹ officer,ª andª thou be castª° intoª prison.ª" {Mtt 5:25}

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