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{2 Samuel 13:21} But when king 4428 David 1732 heard 8085 z8804 of x853 all x3605 these x428 things, 1697 he was very 3966 wroth. 2734 z8799
he was very wroth:
The Septuagint and Vulgate add,
και ουκ ελυπησε το πνευμα Αμνων του υιου αυτου, οτι ηγαπα αυτον, οτι πρωτοτοκος αυτου ην.
et noluit contristare spiritum Amnon filii sui, quoniam diligebat eum, quia primogenituj erat ei.
"But he would not grieve the soul of Amnon his son, for he loved him because he was his first-born." The same addition is found in Josephus; and it is probable that it once formed a part of the Hebrew Text. "And afterwardª¹¹ when Davidª heardª° [it], he said,ª° I¹ and my kingdomª [are] guiltlessª before¹¹ the LORDª for² everª¹ from the bloodª¹ of Abnerª the sonª of Ner:ª ... Let it restª° on¹ the headª of Joab,ª and on¹ all¹ his father'sª house;ª and let there not¹ failª° from the houseª¹ of Joabª one that hath an issue,ª° or that is a leper,ª° or that leanethª° on a staff,ª or that fallethª° on the sword,ª or that lackethª bread.ª" {2Sm 3:28-29} + "And David'sª angerª was greatlyª kindledª° against the man;ª and he saidª° to¹ Nathan,ª [As] the LORDª liveth,ª the manª that hath doneª° this¹ [thing] shall surely² die:ª¹¹" {2Sm 12:5} + "Now¹ therefore the swordª shall neverªª¹ departª° from thine house;ª¹ becauseª¹ thou hast despisedª° me, and hast takenª°¹ the wifeª of Uriahª the Hittiteª to be¹ thy wife.ª" {2Sm 12:10} + "And the sonsª of Jacobª cameª° out of¹ the fieldª when they heardª° [it]: and the men²¹ were grieved,ª° and they were very² wroth,ª°¹ because¹ he had wroughtª° follyª in Israelª in lying²° with¹¹ Jacob'sª daughter;ª which thing¹ ought not¹ to be done.ª°" {Gen 34:7} + "Now Eliª was veryª old,ª° and heardª°¹ all¹ that¹ his sonsª didª° unto all¹ Israel;ª and how¹ they layª° with¹ the womenª that assembledª° [at] the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregation.ª ... If¹ one manª sinª° against another,ª the judgeª shall judgeª° him: but if¹ a manª sinª° against the LORD,ª who¹ shall intreatª° for him? Notwithstanding¹ they hearkenedª° not unto the voiceª of their father,ª because¹ the LORDª wouldª° slayª° them." {1Sm 2:22-25} + "Wherefore¹ kickª° ye at my sacrificeª and at mine offering,ª which¹ I have commandedª° [in my] habitation;ª and honourestª°¹ thy sonsª above¹ me, to make yourselves fatª° with the chiefestª¹ of all¹ the offeringsª of Israelª my people?ª" {1Sm 2:29} + "I will earlyª destroyª° all¹ the wickedª of the land;ª that I may cut offª° all¹ wickedª doersª° from the cityª¹ of the LORD.ª" {Psa 101:8}

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