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{2 Samuel 12:1} And the LORD 3068 sent 7971 z8799 x853 Nathan 5416 unto x413 David. 1732 And he came 935 z8799 unto x413 him, and said 559 z8799 unto him, There were x1961 two 8147 men y582 x376 in one 259 city; 5892 the one 259 rich, 6223 and the other 259 poor. 7326 z8802
am 2970, bc 1034, An, Ex, Is, 457
"And it came to pass,¹ when¹ the kingª satª° in his house,ª and the LORDª had given him restª° round aboutª¹ from all¹¹ his enemies;ª° ... Go²°¹ and tellª°¹ my servantª David,ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Shalt thou¹ buildª° me an houseª for me to dwell¹ in?²°" {2Sm 7:1-5} + "For when Davidª was upª° in the morning,ª the wordª of the LORDª came¹ unto¹ the prophetª Gad,ª David'sª seer,ª saying,ª° ... So Gadª cameª° to¹ David,ª and toldª° him, and saidª° unto him, Shall sevenª yearsª of famineª comeª° unto thee in thy land?ª or¹ wilt thou fleeª° threeª monthsª beforeª thine enemies,ª while they¹ pursueª° thee? or¹ that there be¹ threeª days'ª pestilenceª in thy land?ª now¹ advise,ª° and seeª° what¹ answerª I shall returnª° to him that sentª° me." {2Sm 24:11-13} + "And, behold,¹ there cameª° a manª of Godª out of Judahª¹ by the wordª of the LORDª unto¹ Bethel:ª and Jeroboamª stoodª° by¹ the altarª to burn incense.ª°" {1Kg 13:1} + "And it came to pass¹ [after] manyª days,ª that the wordª of the LORDª came¹ to¹ Elijahª in the thirdª year,ª saying,ª° Go,²°¹ shew²° thyself¹ unto¹ Ahab;ª and I will sendª° rainª uponª¹ the earth.ª" {1Kg 18:1} + "But the angelª of the LORDª saidª° to¹ Elijahª the Tishbite,ª Arise,ª° go upª° to meetª° the messengersª of the kingª of Samaria,ª and sayª° unto¹ them, [Is it] not because¹¹ [there is] not¹ a Godª in Israel,ª [that] ye¹ goª° to enquireª° of Baalzebubª the godª of Ekron?ª" {2Kg 1:3}
unto David:
"And when they had toldª° David,ª saying,ª° Uriahª went not downª°¹ unto¹ his house,ª Davidª saidª° unto¹ Uriah,ª Camestª° thou¹ not¹ from [thy] journey?ª¹ why¹ [then] didst thou not¹ go downª° unto¹ thine house?ª ... And the men²¹ of the cityª went out,ª° and foughtª° with¹ Joab:ª and there fellª° [some] of¹ the peopleª of the servantsª¹ of David;ª and Uriahª the Hittiteª diedª° also.¹" {2Sm 11:10-17} + "Then Davidª saidª° unto¹ the messenger,ª Thus¹ shalt thou sayª° unto¹ Joab,ª Let not¹¹ this¹ thingª displeaseªª° thee, for¹ the swordª devourethª° one¹ as well as another:ª make thy battleª more strongª° against¹ the city,ª and overthrowª° it: and encourageª° thou him." {2Sm 11:25} + "For¹ we must needs²° die,ª° and [are] as waterª spiltª° on the ground,ª which¹ cannot¹ be gathered up¹ again;²° neither¹ doth Godª respectª° [any] person:ª yet doth he deviseª° means,ª that his banishedª° be not expelledª° from¹ him." {2Sm 14:14} + "For the iniquityª of his covetousnessª was I wroth,ª° and smoteª° him: I hidª° me, and was wroth,ª° and he went¹ on²° frowardlyª in the wayª of his heart.ª ... I have seenª° his ways,ª and will healª° him: I will leadª° him also, and restoreª° comfortsª unto him and to his mourners.ª" {Isa 57:17-18}
he came:
"[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David,ª when Nathanª the prophetª cameª° unto¹ him, after¹ he had gone inª° to¹ Bathsheba.]]ª Have mercyª° upon me, O God,ª according to thy lovingkindness:ª according unto the multitudeª of thy tender merciesª blot outª° my transgressions.ª" {Psa 51:1} *title
There were:
There is nothing in this parable which requires illustration. Its bent is evident; and it was wisely constructed, by not having too near a resemblance, to make David unwittingly pass sentence on himself. The parable was in David's hand what his own letter was in the hands of the brave Uriah. Nathan at length closed in with him in the application of it. In beginning with a parable he shewed his prudence, and great need there is of prudence in giving reproof; but now he speaks as an ambassador from God. He reminds David of the great things God had designed and done for him, and then charges him with a high contempt of the Divine authority, and threatens an entail of judgments upon his family for this sin. Those who despise the word and law of God, despise God himself, and will assuredly suffer for such contempt. "And the kingª saidª° unto her, What¹ aileth thee? And she answered,ª° I¹ [am] indeedª a widowª woman,ª and mine husbandª is dead.ª° ... Then saidª° she, I pray thee,¹ let the kingª rememberª°¹ the LORDª thy God,ª that thou wouldest not¹ suffer the revengersª° of bloodª to destroyª° any more,ª° lest they destroyª°¹ my son.ª And he said,ª° [As] the LORDª liveth,ª there shall not¹ one hairª¹ of thy sonª fallª° to the earth.ª" {2Sm 14:5-11} + "And when they toldª° [it] to Jotham,ª he went²°¹ and stoodª° in the topª of mountª Gerizim,ª and lifted upª° his voice,ª and cried,ª° and saidª° unto them, Hearkenª° unto¹ me, ye menª of Shechem,ª that Godª may hearkenª° unto¹ you. ... And the brambleª saidª° unto¹ the trees,ª If¹ in truthª ye¹ anointª° me kingª over¹ you, [then] comeª° [and] put your trustª° in my shadow:ª and if¹ not,¹ let fireª come outª° of¹ the bramble,ª and devourª°¹ the cedarsª of Lebanon.ª" {Jdg 9:7-15} + "And a certainª manª of the sonsª¹ of the prophetsª saidª° unto¹ his neighbourª in the wordª of the LORD,ª Smiteª° me, I pray thee.¹ And the manª refusedª° to smiteª° him. ... And he hasted,ª° and took¹¹ the ashesª away²° from¹¹ his face;ª and the kingª of Israelª discernedª° him that¹ he¹ [was] of the prophets.ª¹" {1Kg 20:35-41} + "Now¹ will I singª° to my wellbelovedª a songª of my belovedª touching his vineyard.ª My wellbelovedª hath¹ a vineyardª in a very fruitful²² hill:ª¹¹ ... For¹ the vineyardª of the LORDª of hostsª [is] the houseª of Israel,ª and the menª of Judahª his pleasantª plant:ª and he lookedª° for judgment,ª but behold¹ oppression;ª for righteousness,ª but behold¹ a cry.ª" {Isa 5:1-7} + "Hearª° anotherª parable:ª There wasª° a certainª² householder,ª whichª plantedª° a vineyard,ª andª hedged² it² round about,ª°¹¹ andª diggedª° a winepressª inª it,ª andª builtª° a tower,ª andª let²° it² outª°¹ to husbandmen,ª andª went into a far country:ª° ... Andª when the¹ chief priestsª andª Phariseesª had heardª° hisª parables,ª they perceivedª° thatª he spakeª° ofª them.ª" {Mtt 21:33-45} + "Andª he said,ª° A certainª manª hadª° twoª sons:ª ... It¹ was² meetª° that we should make merry,ª° andª be glad:ª° forª thisª thyª brotherª wasª° dead,ª andª is alive again;ª° andª wasª° lost,ª° andª is found.ª°" {Lke 15:11-32} + "² There¹ wasª° a certainª richª man,ª whichª was clothedª° in purpleª andª fine linen,ª and faredª° sumptuouslyª every² day:ª¹ ... Andª he saidª° unto him,ª If² they hearª° notª Mosesª andª the¹ prophets,ª neither²¹ will they be persuaded,ª° thoughª¹ oneª roseª° fromª the dead.ª" {Lke 16:19-31}

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