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{2 Samuel 10:4} Wherefore Hanun 2586 took 3947 z8799 David's 1732 x853 servants, 5650 and shaved off 1548 z8762 the x853 one half 2677 of their beards, 2206 and cut off 3772 z8799 x853 their garments 4063 in the middle, 2677 [even] to x5704 their buttocks, 8357 and sent them away. 7971 z8762
and shaved:
The beard is held in high respect and greatly valued in the East. The possessor considers it as his greatest ornament; often swears by it; and, in matters of great importance, pledges it; and nothing can be more secure than such a pledge; for its owner will redeem it at the hazard of his life. The beard was never cut off but in mourning, or as a sign of slavery. It is customary to shave the Ottoman princes, as a mark of their subjection to the reigning emperor. The beard is a mark of authority and liberty among the Mohammedans. The Persians who clip the beard, and shave above the jaw, are reputed heretics. They who serve in the seraglios have their beards shaven, as a sign of servitude; nor do they suffer them to grow till the sultan has set them at liberty. Among the Arabians, it is more infamous for anyone to appear with his beard cut off, than among us to be publicly whipped or branded; and many would prefer death to such a punishment. "Ye shall not¹ roundª° the cornersª of your heads,ª neither¹ shalt thou marª°¹ the cornersª of thy beard.ª" {Lev 19:27} + "But the princesª of the childrenª of Ammonª saidª° to Hanun,ª Thinkestª thou that Davidª doth honourª°¹ thy father,ª that¹ he hath sentª° comfortersª° unto thee? are not¹ his servantsª comeª° unto¹ thee for¹ to search,ª° and to overthrow,ª° and to spy outª° the land?ª ... Wherefore Hanunª tookª°¹ David'sª servants,ª and shavedª° them, and cut offª°¹ their garmentsª in the midstª hard by¹ their buttocks,ª and sent them away.ª°" {1Ch 19:3-4} + "For¹ my loveª they are my adversaries:ª° but I¹ [give myself unto] prayer.ª ... And they have rewardedª°¹ me evilª for¹ good,ª and hatredª for¹ my love.ª" {Psa 109:4-5} + "He is gone upª° to Bajith,ª and to Dibon,ª the high places,ª to weep:ª Moabª shall howlª° over¹ Nebo,ª and over¹ Medeba:ª on all¹ their headsª [shall be] baldness,ª [and] every¹ beardª cut off.²°¹" {Isa 15:2}
cut off:
"So¹ shall the kingª of Assyriaª lead awayª°¹ the Egyptiansª prisoners,ª and the Ethiopiansª captives,ª youngª and old,ª nakedª and barefoot,ª even with [their] buttocksª uncovered,ª° to the shameª of Egypt.ª" {Isa 20:4} + "Takeª° the millstones,ª and grindª° meal:ª uncoverª° thy locks,ª make bareª° the leg,ª uncoverª° the thigh,ª pass overª° the rivers.ª ... Thy nakednessª shall be uncovered,ª° yea,¹ thy shameª shall be seen:ª° I will takeª° vengeance,ª and I will not¹ meetª° [thee as] a man.ª" {Isa 47:2-3} + "That there cameª° certain²¹ from Shechem,ª¹ from Shiloh,ª¹ and from Samaria,ª¹ [even] fourscoreª men,ª having their beardsª shaven,ª° and their clothesª rent,ª° and having cut²° themselves,¹ with offeringsª and incenseª in their hand,ª to bringª° [them] to the houseª of the LORD.ª" {Jer 41:5}

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