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{2 Samuel 8:2} And he smote 5221 z8686 x853 Moab, 4124 and measured 4058 z8762 them with a line, 2256 casting them down 7901 z8687 x853 to the ground; 776 even with two 8147 lines 2256 measured 4058 z8762 he to put to death, 4191 z8687 and with one full 4393 line 2256 to keep alive. 2421 z8687 And [so] the Moabites 4124 became x1961 David's 1732 servants, 5650 [and] brought 5375 z8802 gifts. 4503
he smote:
"I shall seeª° him, but not¹ now:¹ I shall beholdª° him, but not¹ nigh:ª there shall comeª° a Starª out of Jacob,ª¹ and a Sceptreª shall riseª° out of Israel,ª¹ and shall smiteª° the cornersª of Moab,ª and destroy²°¹ all¹ the childrenª of Sheth.ª°²" {Num 24:17} + "And they slewª° of¹ Moabª at that¹ timeª about tenª thousandª men,ª all¹ lusty,ª and all¹ menª of valour;ª and there escapedª° not¹ a man.ª ... So Moabª was subduedª° that¹ dayª under¹ the handª of Israel.ª And the landª had restª° fourscoreª years.ª" {Jdg 3:29-30} + "So Saulª tookª° the kingdomª over¹ Israel,ª and foughtª° against all¹ his enemiesª° on every side,ª against Moab,ª and against the childrenª of Ammon,ª and against Edom,ª and against the kingsª of Zobah,ª and against the Philistines:ª and whithersoever¹¹ he turnedª° himself, he vexedª° [them]." {1Sm 14:47} + "Moabª [is] my washpot;ªª over¹ Edomª will I cast outª° my shoe:ª Philistia,ª triumphª° thou because¹ of me." {Psa 60:8} + "The tabernaclesª of Edom,ª and the Ishmaelites;ª of Moab,ª and the Hagarenes;ª" {Psa 83:6} + "Moabª [is] my washpot;ªª over¹ Edomª will I cast outª° my shoe;ª over¹ Philistiaª will I triumph.ª°" {Psa 108:9}
"And he brought forthª° the peopleª that¹ [were] therein, and putª° [them] under saws,ª and under harrowsª of iron,ª and under axesª of iron,ª and made them pass²° through¹¹ the brickkiln:ª and thus¹ didª° he unto all¹ the citiesª of the childrenª of Ammon.ª So Davidª and all¹ the peopleª returnedª° unto Jerusalem.ª" {2Sm 12:31}
And so:
"Then Davidª putª° garrisonsª in Syriaª of Damascus:ª and the Syriansª became¹ servantsª to David,ª [and] broughtª° gifts.ª And the LORDª preservedª°¹ Davidª whithersoever¹¹ he went.ª°" {2Sm 8:6} + "Of Syria,ª¹ and of Moab,ª¹ and of the childrenª¹ of Ammon,ª and of the Philistines,ª¹ and of Amalek,ª¹ and of the spoilª¹ of Hadadezer,ª sonª of Rehob,ª kingª of Zobah.ª ... And he putª° garrisonsª in Edom;ª throughout all¹ Edomª putª° he garrisons,ª and all¹ they of Edomª became¹ David'sª servants.ª And the LORDª preservedª°¹ Davidª whithersoever¹¹ he went.ª°" {2Sm 8:12-14} + "Then Moabª rebelledª° against Israelª afterª the deathª of Ahab.ª" {2Kg 1:1} + "And Meshaª kingª of Moabª was¹ a sheepmaster,ª and renderedª° unto the kingª of Israelª an hundredª thousandª lambs,ª and an hundredª thousandª rams,ª with the wool.ª ... Then he tookª°¹ his eldestª sonª that¹ should have reignedª° in his stead,¹ and offeredª° him [for] a burnt offeringª upon¹ the wall.ª And there was¹ greatª indignationª against¹ Israel:ª and they departedª° from¹¹ him, and returnedª° to [their own] land.ª" {2Kg 3:4-27} + "And he smoteª°¹ Moab;ª and the Moabitesª became¹ David'sª servants,ª [and] broughtª° gifts.ª" {1Ch 18:2}
brought gifts:
"But the childrenª of Belialª said,ª° How¹ shall this¹ man saveª° us? And they despisedª° him, and broughtª° him no¹ presents.ª But he held his peace.ª°" {1Sm 10:27} + "And the Ammonitesª gaveª° giftsª to Uzziah:ª and his nameª spread abroad²°¹ [even] to¹ the entering²° in¹ of Egypt;ª for¹ he strengthenedª° [himself] exceedingly.ª¹" {2Ch 26:8} + "The kingsª of Tarshishª and of the islesª shall bringª° presents:ª the kingsª of Shebaª and Sebaª shall offerª° gifts.ª ... Yea, all¹ kingsª shall fall downª° before him: all¹ nationsª shall serveª° him." {Psa 72:10-11} + "Hearkenª° not¹ to¹ Hezekiah:ª for¹ thus¹ saithª° the kingª of Assyria,ª Makeª° [an agreement] with¹ me [by] a present,ª and come outª° to¹ me: and eatª° ye every oneª of his vine,ª and every oneª of his fig tree,ª and drinkª° ye every oneª the watersª of his own cistern;ª" {Isa 36:16}

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