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{1 Samuel 31:9} And they cut off 3772 z8799 x853 his head, 7218 and stripped off 6584 z8686 x853 his armour, 3627 and sent 7971 z8762 into the land 776 of the Philistines 6430 round about, 5439 to publish 1319 z8763 [it in] the house 1004 of their idols, 6091 and among x854 the people. 5971
cut off:
"Then saidª° Saulª unto his armourbearer,ªª° Drawª° thy sword,ª and thrust me throughª° therewith; lest¹ these¹ uncircumcisedª comeª° and thrust me through,ª° and abuseª° me. But his armourbearerªª° wouldª° not;¹ for¹ he was soreª afraid.ª° Therefore Saulª tookª°¹ a sword,ª and fellª° upon¹ it." {1Sm 31:4} + "Therefore Davidª ran,ª° and stoodª° upon¹ the Philistine,ª and tookª°¹ his sword,ª and drewª° it out of the sheathª¹ thereof, and slewª° him, and cut offª°¹ his headª therewith. And when the Philistinesª sawª° their championª was dead,ª° they fled.ª°" {1Sm 17:51} + "And Davidª tookª°¹ the headª of the Philistine,ª and broughtª° it to Jerusalem;ª but he putª° his armourª in his tent.ª" {1Sm 17:54} + "And when they had strippedª° him, they tookª°¹ his head,ª and his armour,ª and sentª° into the landª of the Philistinesª round about,ª to carry tidingsª°¹ unto their idols,ª and to the people.ª ... And they putª°¹ his armourª in the houseª of their gods,ª and fastenedª° his headª in the templeª of Dagon.ª" {1Ch 10:9-10}
to publish:
"Then the lordsª of the Philistinesª gathered them togetherª° for to offerª° a greatª sacrificeª unto Dagonª their god,ª and to rejoice:ª for they said,ª° Our godª hath deliveredª°¹ Samsonª our enemyª° into our hand.ª ... And when the peopleª sawª° him, they praisedª°¹ their god:ª for¹ they said,ª° Our godª hath deliveredª° into our handsª¹ our enemy,ª° and the destroyerª° of our country,ª which¹ slew² manyª°¹¹ of us." {Jdg 16:23-24} + "Tellª° [it] not¹ in Gath,ª publishª° [it] not¹ in the streetsª of Askelon;ª lest¹ the daughtersª of the Philistinesª rejoice,ª° lest¹ the daughtersª of the uncircumcisedª triumph.ª°" {2Sm 1:20}

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