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{1 Samuel 30:10} But David 1732 pursued, 7291 z8799 he x1931 and four 702 hundred 3967 men: 376 for two hundred 3967 x376 abode behind, 5975 z8799 which x834 were so faint 6296 z8765 that they could not go over 5674 z8800 x4480 x853 the brook 5158 Besor. 1308
for two hundred:
"And Davidª cameª° to¹ the two hundredª men,²¹ which¹ were so faintª° that they could not followª²°¹ David,ª whom they had made also to abideª° at the brookª Besor:ª and they went forthª° to meetª° David,ª and to meetª° the peopleª that¹ [were] with¹ him: and when Davidª came nearª° to¹ the people,ª he salutedªª° them." {1Sm 30:21}
so faint:
"And Saulª and all¹ the peopleª that¹ [were] with¹ him assembled²° themselves,¹ and they cameª° to¹ the battle:ª and, behold,¹ every man'sª swordª was¹ against his fellow,ª [and there was] a veryª greatª discomfiture.ª" {1Sm 14:20} + "And they smoteª° the Philistinesª that¹ dayª from Michmashª¹ to Aijalon:ª and the peopleª were veryª faint.²°¹" {1Sm 14:31} + "And Gideonª cameª° to Jordan,ª [and] passed over,ª° he,¹ and the threeª hundredª menª that¹ [were] with¹ him, faint,ª yet pursuingª° [them]. ... And he saidª° unto the men²¹ of Succoth,ª Give,ª° I pray you,¹ loavesª of breadª unto the peopleª that¹ followª me; for¹ they¹ [be] faint,ª and I¹ am pursuingª° afterª Zebahª and Zalmunna,ª kingsª of Midian.ª" {Jdg 8:4-5}
the brook Besor:
This brook or torrent, it is evident from the circumstances of the history, must be in the south-west part of Judea, and must empty itself into the Mediterranean Sea. In the more particular situation of it writers are not agreed. Some suppose it to be between Gaza and Rhinocorura; but Jerome places it between Rhinocorura and Egypt. It is supposed by some to be the same as the river of the wilderness ("But,¹ behold,¹ I will raise upª° against¹ you a nation,ª O houseª of Israel,ª saithª° the LORDª the Godª of hosts;ª and they shall afflictª° you from the entering inª°¹ of Hemathª unto¹ the riverª of the wilderness.ª" {Ams 6:14}), and the river of Egypt, "[From thence] it passed²° toward¹ Azmon,ª and went outª° unto the riverª of Egypt;ª and the goings outª of that coastª were¹ at the sea:ª this¹ shall be¹ your southª coast.ª" {Jsh 15:4}.

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