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{1 Samuel 22:15} Did I then 3117 begin 2490 z8689 to enquire 7592 z8800 of God 430 for him? be it far x2486 from me: y2486 let not x408 the king 4428 impute 7760 z8799 [any] thing 1697 unto his servant, 5650 [nor] to all x3605 the house 1004 of my father: 1 for x3588 thy servant 5650 knew 3045 z8804 nothing y1697 x3808 of all x3605 this, x2063 less 6996 or x176 more. 1419
Did I then:
He seems to intimate, that his enquiring now for David was no new thing, having often done so before, without ever being informed it was wrong in itself or displeasing to the king., the servant, "Saidª° he¹ not¹ unto me, Sheª [is] my sister?ª and she,ª evenª she² herself¹ said,ª° He¹ [is] my brother:ª in the integrityª of my heartª and innocencyª of my handsª have I doneª° this.¹ ... And Godª saidª° unto¹ him in a dream,ª Yea,ª I¹ knowª° that¹ thou didstª° this¹ in the integrityª of thy heart;ª for I¹ also¹ withheldª° thee from sinningª°¹ against me: therefore¹¹ sufferedª° I thee not¹ to touchª°¹ her." {Gen 20:5-6} + "And with¹ Absalomª wentª° two hundredª menª out of Jerusalem,ª¹ [that were] called;ª° and they wentª° in their simplicity,ª and they knewª° not¹ any¹ thing.ª" {2Sm 15:11} + "Forª ourª rejoicingª isª° this,ª the¹ testimonyª of ourª conscience,ª thatª inª simplicityª andª godlyª sincerity,ª notª withª fleshlyª wisdom,ª butª byª the graceª of God,ª we have had our conversationª° inª the¹ world,ª andª more abundantlyª toª you-ward.ª" {2Co 1:12} + "Havingª° a goodª conscience;ª that,ª whereasªª they speak evil²° of¹ you,ª asª of evildoers,ª they may be ashamedª° that falsely accuseª° yourª goodª conversationª inª Christ.ª ... Forª [it is] better,ª ifª the¹ willª of Godª be¹ so,²° that ye sufferª° for well doing,ª° thanª for evil doing.ª°" {1Pe 3:16-17}
less or more:
Heb. little or great, "And Abigailª cameª° to¹ Nabal;ª and, behold,¹ he held a feastª in his house,ª like the feastª of a king;ª and Nabal'sª heartª [was] merryª within¹ him, for he¹ [was] veryª¹ drunken:ª wherefore she toldª° him nothing,ª¹ lessª or more,ª until¹ the morningª light.ª" {1Sm 25:36}

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