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{1 Samuel 22:4} And he brought 5148 z8686 them x853 before 6440 the king 4428 of Moab: 4124 and they dwelt 3427 z8799 with x5973 him all x3605 the while 3117 that David 1732 was x1961 in the hold. 4686
in the hold:
"And threeª°² of the thirtyª chiefª went down,ª° and cameª° to¹ Davidª in¹ the harvest timeª unto¹ the caveª of Adullam:ª and the troopª of the Philistinesª pitchedª° in the valleyª of Rephaim.ª ... And Davidª [was] then¹ in an hold,ª and the garrisonª of the Philistinesª [was] then¹ [in] Bethlehem.ª" {2Sm 23:13-14} + "And there cameª° of¹ the childrenª of Benjaminª and Judahª to¹ the holdª unto David.ª" {1Ch 12:16}, Gad, "For when Davidª was upª° in the morning,ª the wordª of the LORDª came¹ unto¹ the prophetª Gad,ª David'sª seer,ª saying,ª°" {2Sm 24:11} + "And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ Gad,ª David'sª seer,ª saying,ª°" {1Ch 21:9} + "Now the actsª of Davidª the king,ª firstª and last,ª behold,¹ they [are] writtenª° in¹ the bookª of Samuelª the seer,²°¹ and in¹ the bookª of Nathanª the prophet,ª and in¹ the bookª of Gadª the seer,ª" {1Ch 29:29} + "And he setª°¹ the Levitesª in the houseª of the LORDª with cymbals,ª with psalteries,ª and with harps,ª according to the commandmentª of David,ª and of Gadª the king'sª seer,ª and Nathanª the prophet:ª for¹ [so was] the commandmentª of² the LORDª byª his prophets.ª" {2Ch 29:25}, depart, "Then they toldª° David,ª saying,ª° Behold,¹ the Philistinesª fightª° against Keilah,ª and they¹ robª°¹ the threshingfloors.ª ... And it came to pass,¹ when Abiatharª the sonª of Ahimelechª fledª° to¹ Davidª to Keilah,ª [that] he came downª° [with] an ephodª in his hand.ª" {1Sm 23:1-6} + "And I said,ª° Should such² a man² as I¹¹ flee?ª° and who¹ [is there], that,¹ [being] as I¹ [am], would goª° into¹ the templeª to save his life?ª° I will not¹ go in.ª°" {Neh 6:11} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° [A Psalm] of David.]]ª In the LORDª put I my trust:ª° how¹ sayª° ye to my soul,ª Fleeª° [as] a birdª to your mountain?ª" {Psa 11:1} + "Sayª° ye not,¹ A confederacy,ª to all¹ [them to] whom¹ this¹ peopleª shall say,ª° A confederacy;ª neither¹ fearª° ye their fear,ª nor¹ be afraid.ª° ... And he shall be¹ for a sanctuary;ª but for a stoneª of stumblingª and for a rockª of offenceª to bothª the housesª of Israel,ª for a ginª and for a snareª to the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem.ª" {Isa 8:12-14}, David departed, "Butª whenª they persecuteª° youª inª thisª city,ª flee¹ ye²° intoª another:ª forª verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Ye shall²° notª have gone overª° the¹ citiesª of Israel,ª tillª¹ the¹ Sonª of manª be² come.ª°" {Mtt 10:23}

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