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{1 Samuel 20:41} [And] as soon as the lad 5288 was gone, 935 z8802 David 1732 arose 6965 z8804 out of [a place] toward 681 x4480 the south, 5045 and fell 5307 z8799 on his face 639 to the ground, 776 and bowed y7812 z8691 himself x7812 three 7969 times: 6471 and they kissed 5401 z8799 one 376 x853 another, 7453 and wept 1058 z8799 one 376 with x854 another, 7453 until x5704 David 1732 exceeded. 1431 z8689
and fell:
"And when Abigailª sawª°¹ David,ª she hasted,ª° and lighted¹ off²°¹¹ the ass,ª and fellª° beforeª Davidª on¹ her face,ª and bowed²° herself¹ to the ground,ª" {1Sm 25:23} + "And they answered,ª° Thy servantª our fatherª [is] in good health,ª he [is] yet¹ alive.ª And they bowed down their heads,ª° and made obeisance.ª°" {Gen 43:28} + "Now when Mephibosheth,ª the sonª of Jonathan,ª the sonª of Saul,ª was comeª° unto¹ David,ª he fellª° on¹ his face,ª and did reverence.ª° And Davidª said,ª° Mephibosheth.ª And he answered,ª° Behold¹ thy servant!ª" {2Sm 9:6}
and they kissed:
"Then Samuelª tookª°¹ a vialª of oil,ª and pouredª° [it] upon¹ his head,ª and kissedª° him, and said,ª° [Is it] not¹ because¹ the LORDª hath anointedª° thee [to be] captainª over¹ his inheritance?ª" {1Sm 10:1} + "And Jacobª kissedª° Rachel,ª and lifted upª°¹ his voice,ª and wept.ª°" {Gen 29:11} + "And it came to pass,¹ when Labanª heardª°¹ the tidingsª of Jacobª his sister'sª son,ª that he ranª° to meetª° him, and embracedª° him, and kissedª° him, and broughtª° him to¹ his house.ª And he toldª° Labanª¹ all¹ these¹ things.ª" {Gen 29:13} + "Moreover he kissedª° all¹ his brethren,ª and weptª° upon¹ them: and afterª that¹ his brethrenª talkedª° with¹ him." {Gen 45:15} + "And all¹ the peopleª went overª°¹ Jordan.ª And when the kingª was come over,ª° the kingª kissedª° Barzillai,ª and blessedª° him; and he returnedª° unto his own place.ª" {2Sm 19:39} + "Andª they all² wept²²° sore,ª¹¹¹ andª fellª° onª Paul'sª neck,ª and kissedª° him,ª" {Act 20:37}
David exceeded:
"Then Jonathanª and Davidª madeª° a covenant,ª because he loved²¹ him as his own soul.ª" {1Sm 18:3} + "I am distressedª° for¹ thee, my brotherª Jonathan:ª veryª pleasantª° hast thou been unto me: thy loveª to me was wonderful,ª° passing the loveª¹ of women.ª" {2Sm 1:26}

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