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{1 Samuel 19:24} And he x1931 stripped off 6584 z8799 his clothes 899 also, 1571 and prophesied 5012 z8691 before 6440 Samuel 8050 in like manner, x1571 and lay down 5307 z8799 naked 6174 all x3605 that x1931 day 3117 and all x3605 that night. 3915 Wherefore x5921 x3651 they say, 559 z8799 [Is] Saul 7586 also x1571 among the prophets? 5030
"And Davidª dancedª° beforeª the LORDª with all¹ [his] might;ª and Davidª [was] girdedª° with a linenª ephod.ª" {2Sm 6:14} + "Then Davidª returnedª° to blessª°¹ his household.ª And Michalª the daughterª of Saulª came outª° to meetª° David,ª and said,ª° How¹ gloriousª° was the kingª of Israelª to day,ª who¹ uncovered²° himself¹ to dayª in the eyesª of the handmaidsª of his servants,ª as oneª of the vain fellowsª shamelessly²° uncovereth²° himself!ª" {2Sm 6:20} + "At the same¹ timeª spakeª° the LORDª byª Isaiahª the sonª of Amoz,ª saying,ª° Go²°¹ and looseª° the sackclothª from off¹¹ thy loins,ª and put offª° thy shoeª from¹¹ thy foot.ª And he did¹ so,²°¹ walkingª° nakedª and barefoot.ª" {Isa 20:2} + "Therefore¹¹ I will wailª° and howl,ª° I will go²°¹ strippedª° and naked:ª I will makeª° a wailingª like the dragons,²¹ and mourningª as the owls.ªª" {Mic 1:8}
Heb. fell, "He hath said,ª° which heardª° the wordsª of God,ª which¹ sawª° the visionª of the Almighty,ª fallingª° [into a trance], but having his eyesª open:ª°" {Num 24:4}
Is Saul:
"And when they cameª° thither¹ to the hill,ª behold,¹ a companyª of prophetsª metª° him; and the Spiritª of Godª cameª° upon¹ him, and he prophesiedª° amongª them. ... And oneª of the same place¹¹ answeredª° and said,ª° But who¹ [is] their father?ª Therefore¹¹ it became¹ a proverb,ª [Is] Saulª also¹ among the prophets?ª" {1Sm 10:10-12} + "Butª allª that heardª° [him] were amazed,ª° andª said;ª° Isª° notª thisª he that destroyedª° them which² called onª° thisª nameª inª Jerusalem,ª andª cameª° hitherª forª° that² intent,²¹ thatª he might bringª° themª boundª° untoª the¹ chief priests?ª" {Act 9:21}

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