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{1 Samuel 18:25} And Saul 7586 said, 559 z8799 Thus x3541 shall ye say 559 z8799 to David, 1732 The king 4428 desireth 2656 not x369 any dowry, 4119 but x3588 an hundred 3967 foreskins 6190 of the Philistines, 6430 to be avenged 5358 z8736 of the king's 4428 enemies. 341 z8802 But Saul 7586 thought 2803 z8804 to make x853 David 1732 fall 5307 z8687 by the hand 3027 of the Philistines. 6430
"And Jacobª lovedª°¹ Rachel;ª and said,ª° I will serveª° thee sevenª yearsª for Rachelª thy youngerª daughter.ª" {Gen 29:18} + "Askª°¹ me never so muchª dowryª and gift,ª and I will giveª° according as¹ ye shall sayª° unto¹ me: but giveª° me¹ the damselª to wife.ª" {Gen 34:12} + "And if¹ a manª enticeª° a maidª that¹ is not¹ betrothed,ª° and lieª° with¹ her, he shall surely²° endowª° her to be his wife.ª ... If¹ her fatherª utterly²° refuseª° to giveª° her unto him, he shall payª° moneyª according to the dowryª of virgins.ª" {Exd 22:16-17}
but an hundred:
That is, Thou shalt slay one hundred Philistines, and thou shalt produce their foreskins as a proof, not only that thou hast killed one hundred men, but that these are of the uncircumcised Philistines.
"And Davidª spakeª° to¹ the men²¹ that stoodª° by¹ him, saying,ª° What¹ shall be doneª° to the manª that¹ killethª°¹ thisª Philistine,ª and taketh awayª° the reproachª from¹¹ Israel?ª for¹ who¹ [is] this¹ uncircumcisedª Philistine,ª that¹ he should defyª° the armiesª of the livingª God?ª" {1Sm 17:26} + "Thy servantª slewª° both¹¹ the lionª and¹ the bear:ª and this¹ uncircumcisedª Philistineª shall be¹ as oneª of¹ them, seeing¹ he hath defiedª° the armiesª of the livingª God.ª" {1Sm 17:36} + "And ye shall circumcise²°¹¹ the fleshª of your foreskin;ª and it shall be¹ a tokenª of the covenantª betwixt¹ me and you. ... And the uncircumcisedª man childª whoseª¹ fleshª of his foreskinª is not¹ circumcised,ª° that¹ soulª shall be cut offª° from his people;ª¹ he hath brokenª°¹ my covenant.ª" {Gen 17:11-14} + "And Joshuaª madeª° him sharp²¹ knives,ª and circumcisedª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª at¹ the hillª of the foreskins.ª" {Jsh 5:3}
to be avenged:
"And the menª of Israelª were distressedª° that¹ day:ª for Saulª had adjuredª°¹ the people,ª saying,ª° Cursedª° [be] the manª that¹ eatethª° [any] foodª until¹ evening,ª that I may be avengedª° on mine enemies.ª°¹ So none¹¹ of the peopleª tastedª° [any] food.ª" {1Sm 14:24}
"And Saulª saidª° to¹ David,ª Behold¹ my elderª daughterª Merab,ª her will I giveª° thee to wife:ª only¹ be¹ thou valiantªª for me, and fightª° the LORD'Sª battles.ª For Saulª said,ª° Let not¹ mine handª be¹ upon him, but let the handª of the Philistinesª be¹ upon him." {1Sm 18:17} + "For, saidª° Hushai,ª thou¹ knowestª°¹ thy fatherª and his men,²¹ that¹ they¹ [be] mighty men,ª and they¹ [be] chafedª in their minds,ª as a bearª robbed² of her whelps¹ in the field:ª and thy fatherª [is] a manª of war,ª and will not¹ lodgeª° with¹ the people.ª ... Therefore¹ I counselª° that all¹ Israelª be generallyª° gatheredª° unto¹ thee, from Danª¹ even to¹ Beersheba,ª as the sandª that¹ [is] by¹ the seaª for multitude;ª and that thou goª° to battleª in thine own person.ª" {2Sm 17:8-11}

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