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{1 Samuel 15:33} And Samuel 8050 said, 559 z8799 As x834 thy sword 2719 hath made women 802 childless, 7921 z8765 so x3651 shall thy mother 517 be childless 7921 z8799 among women. 802 x4480 And Samuel 8050 hewed y8158 z0 Agag y90 in pieces 8158 z8762 x853 x90 before 6440 the LORD 3068 in Gilgal. 1537
As thy sword:
"Whoso sheddethª° man'sª blood,ª by manª shall his bloodª be shed:ª° for¹ in the imageª of Godª madeª° he¹ man.ª" {Gen 9:6} + "And it came to pass,¹ when¹ Mosesª held upª° his hand,ª that Israelª prevailed:ª° and when¹ he let downª° his hand,ª Amalekª prevailed.ª°" {Exd 17:11} + "Then the Amalekitesª came down,ª° and the Canaanitesª which dweltª° in that¹ hill,ª and smoteª° them, and discomfitedª° them, [even] unto¹ Hormah.ª" {Num 14:45} + "And Adonibezekª said,ª° Threescore and tenª kings,ª having their thumbsªª and their great toesª cut off,ª° gatheredª° [their meat] under¹ my table:ª as¹ I have done,ª° so¹ Godª hath requitedª° me. And they broughtª° him to Jerusalem,ª and there¹ he died.ª°" {Jdg 1:7} + "For²¹ with²¹ what²¹ judgmentª ye judge,ª° ye shall be judged:ª° andª withª whatª measureª ye mete,ª° it shall be measured²° to you² again.²°¹¹" {Mtt 7:2} + "Forª he shall have judgmentª without mercy,ª that hath shewedª° noª mercy;ª andª mercyª rejoiceth againstª° judgment.ª" {Jms 2:13} + "Forª they have shedª° the bloodª of saintsª andª prophets,ª andª thou hast givenª° themª bloodª to drink;ª° forª they areª° worthy.ª" {Rev 16:6} + "Rewardª° herª evenª asª sheª°² rewardedª° you,ª andª doubleª° unto herª doubleª according¹ to² her²¹ works:ª inª the¹ cupª whichª she hath filledª° fillª° to herª double.ª" {Rev 18:6}
It has been a matter of wonder to many, how Samuel could thus slay a captive prince, even in the presence of Saul, who from motives of clemency had spared him; but it should be remarked, that what Samuel did here, he did in his magisterial capacity; and that Agag had been a cruel tyrant, and therefore was cut off for his merciless cruelties. Farther, it is not likely that he did it by his own sword, but by that of the executioner. What kings, magistrates, and generals do, in an official way, by their subjects, servants, or soldiers, they are said to do themselves - qui facit per alterum, facit per se.
"And when Phinehas,ª the sonª of Eleazar,ª the sonª of Aaronª the priest,ª sawª° [it], he rose upª° from amongª¹ the congregation,ª and tookª° a javelinª in his hand;ª ... And he wentª° afterª the manª of Israelª into¹ the tent,ª and thrustª°¹ bothª of them through,¹ the manª of Israel,ª and the womanª throughª her belly.ª So the plagueª was stayedª° from¹¹ the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Num 25:7-8} + "And Elijahª saidª° unto them, Takeª°¹ the prophetsª of Baal;ª let not¹ oneª of them¹ escape.ª° And they tookª° them: and Elijahª brought them downª° to¹ the brookª Kishon,ª and slewª° them there.¹" {1Kg 18:40} + "The swordª of the LORDª is filledª° with blood,ª it is made fatª° with fatness,ª¹ [and] with the bloodª¹ of lambsª and goats,ª with the fatª¹ of the kidneysª of rams:ª for¹ the LORDª hath a sacrificeª in Bozrah,ª and a greatª slaughterª in the landª of Idumea.ª" {Isa 34:6} + "Cursedª° [be] he that doethª° the workª of the LORDª deceitfully,ª and cursedª° [be] he that keepeth backª° his swordª from blood.ª¹" {Jer 48:10}

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