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{1 Samuel 15:24} And Saul 7586 said 559 z8799 unto x413 Samuel, 8050 I have sinned: 2398 z8804 for x3588 I have transgressed 5674 z8804 x853 the commandment 6310 of the LORD, 3068 and thy words: 1697 because x3588 I feared 3372 z8804 x853 the people, 5971 and obeyed 8085 z8799 their voice. 6963
I have sinned:
"Then he said,ª° I have sinned:ª° [yet] honourª° me now,¹ I pray thee,¹ before¹ the eldersª of my people,ª and before¹ Israel,ª and turn againª° with¹ me, that I may worshipª° the LORDª thy God.ª" {1Sm 15:30} + "And Pharaohª sent,ª° and calledª° for Mosesª and Aaron,ª and saidª° unto¹ them, I have sinnedª° this time:ª the LORDª [is] righteous,ª and I¹ and my peopleª [are] wicked.ª" {Exd 9:27} + "Then Pharaohª calledª° for Mosesª and Aaronª in haste;ª° and he said,ª° I have sinnedª° against the LORDª your God,ª and against you." {Exd 10:16} + "And Balaamª saidª° unto¹ the angelª of the LORD,ª I have sinned;ª° for¹ I knewª° not¹ that¹ thou¹ stoodestª° in the wayª againstª° me: now¹ therefore, if¹ it displease¹¹ thee,²°² I will get me back again.ª°" {Num 22:34} + "And Davidª saidª° unto¹ Nathan,ª I have sinnedª° against the LORD.ª And Nathanª saidª° unto¹ David,ª The LORDª also¹ hath put awayª° thy sin;ª thou shalt not¹ die.ª°" {2Sm 12:13} + "Saying,ª° I have sinnedª° in that I have betrayedª° the innocentª blood.ª Andª they¹ said,ª° Whatª [is that] toª us?ª seeª° thouª [to that]." {Mtt 27:4}
I feared:
"But Saulª and the peopleª sparedª°¹ Agag,ª and the bestª of the sheep,ª and of the oxen,ª and of the fatlings,ª and the lambs,ª and all¹ [that was] good,ª and wouldª° not¹ utterly destroyª° them: but every¹ thingª [that was] vileª and refuse,ª° that they destroyed utterly.ª°" {1Sm 15:9} + "And Saulª said,ª° They have broughtª° them from the Amalekites:ª¹ for¹ the peopleª sparedª°¹ the bestª of the sheepª and of the oxen,ª to sacrificeª°¹ unto the LORDª thy God;ª and the restª° we have utterly destroyed.ª°" {1Sm 15:15} + "Thou shalt not¹ followª¹ a multitudeª to [do] evil;ª neither¹ shalt thou speakª° in¹ a causeª to declineª° afterª manyª to wrestª° [judgment]:" {Exd 23:2} + "Did I fearª° a greatª multitude,ª or did the contemptª of familiesª terrifyª° me, that I kept silence,ª° [and] went not outª°¹ of the door?ª" {Job 31:34} + "The fearª of manª bringethª° a snare:ª but whoso putteth his trustª° in the LORDª shall be safe.ª°" {Prv 29:25} + "I,¹ [even] I,¹ [am] he¹ that comfortethª° you: who¹ [art] thou,¹ that thou shouldest be afraidª° of a manª¹ [that] shall die,ª° and of the sonª¹ of manª [which] shall be madeª° [as] grass;ª ... And forgettestª° the LORDª thy maker,ª° that hath stretched forthª° the heavens,ª and laid the foundationsª° of the earth;ª and hast fearedª° continuallyª every¹ dayª becauseª¹ of the furyª of the oppressor,ª° as¹ if² he were readyª° to destroy?ª° and where¹ [is] the furyª of the oppressor?ª°" {Isa 51:12-13} + "Pilateª therefore,ª willingª° to releaseª° Jesus,ª spake²° again² to them.ª°¹ ... Andª he releasedª° unto themª him that forª seditionª andª murderª was castª° intoª prison,ª whomª they had desired;ª° butª he deliveredª° Jesusª to theirª will.ª" {Lke 23:20-25} + "Forª do I²° nowª persuadeª° men,ª orª God?ª orª do I seekª° to pleaseª° men?ª forª ifª I²° yetª pleasedª° men,ª I should² notª beª°¹ the servantª of Christ.ª" {Gal 1:10} + "Butª the fearful,ª andª unbelieving,ª andª the abominable,ª° andª murderers,ª andª whoremongers,ª andª sorcerers,ª andª idolaters,ª andª allª liars,ª shall have their²¹ partª inª the¹ lakeª which² burnethª° with fireª andª brimstone:ª which isª° the secondª death.ª" {Rev 21:8}
"Wherefore¹ kickª° ye at my sacrificeª and at mine offering,ª which¹ I have commandedª° [in my] habitation;ª and honourestª°¹ thy sonsª above¹ me, to make yourselves fatª° with the chiefestª¹ of all¹ the offeringsª of Israelª my people?ª" {1Sm 2:29} + "And the manª said,ª° The womanª whom¹ thou gavestª° [to be] with¹ me,² sheª gaveª° me of¹ the tree,ª and I did eat.ª°" {Gen 3:12} + "And unto Adamª he said,ª° Because¹ thou hast hearkenedª° unto the voiceª of thy wife,ª and hast eatenª° of¹ the tree,ª of whichª I commanded¹ thee,²° saying,ª° Thou shalt not¹ eatª° of¹ it: cursedª° [is] the groundª for thy sake;¹ in sorrowª shalt thou eatª° [of] it allª the daysª of thy life;ª" {Gen 3:17} + "Then Zedekiahª the kingª said,ª° Behold,¹ he¹ [is] in your hand:ª for¹ the kingª [is] not¹ [he that] can²° do¹ [any] thingª against you." {Jer 38:5}

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