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{1 Samuel 15:6} And Saul 7586 said 559 z8799 unto x413 the Kenites, 7017 Go, y3212 z8798 x1980 depart, 5493 z8798 get you down 3381 z8798 from among 8432 x4480 the Amalekites, 6002 lest x6435 I destroy 622 z8799 you with x5973 them: for ye x859 shewed 6213 z8804 kindness 2617 to x5973 all x3605 the children 1121 of Israel, 3478 when they came up 5927 z8800 out of Egypt. 4714 x4480 So the Kenites 7017 departed 5493 z8799 from among 8432 x4480 the Amalekites. 6003
the Kenites:
"And Achishª said,ª° Whitherª have ye made a roadª° to day?ª And Davidª said,ª° Against¹ the southª of Judah,ª and against¹ the southª of the Jerahmeelites,ª and against¹ the southª of the Kenites.ª" {1Sm 27:10} + "And he looked²° on¹¹ the Kenites,ª and took upª° his parable,ª and said,ª° Strongª is thy dwellingplace,ª and thou puttestª° thy nestª in a rock.ª ... Nevertheless¹¹ the Keniteª shall² be¹ wasted,ª° until¹¹ Asshurª shall carry thee away captive.ª°" {Num 24:21-22} + "And the childrenª of the Kenite,ª Moses'ª father in law,ª° went upª° out of the cityª¹ of palm treesª°² with¹ the childrenª of Judahª into the wildernessª¹ of Judah,ª which¹ [lieth] in the southª of Arad;ª and they went²°¹ and dweltª° amongª the people.ª" {Jdg 1:16} + "Now Heberª the Kenite,²¹ [which was] of the childrenª¹ of Hobabª the father in lawª° of Moses,ª had severed²° himself¹ from the Kenites,ª¹ and pitchedª° his tentª unto¹ the plainª of Zaanaim,ª which¹ [is] by¹ Kedesh.ª" {Jdg 4:11} + "Blessedª° above womenª¹ shall Jaelª the wifeª of Heberª the Keniteª be, blessedª° shall she be above womenª¹ in the tent.ª" {Jdg 5:24} + "And the familiesª of the scribesª° which dweltª°°° at Jabez;ª the Tirathites,ª the Shimeathites,ª [and] Suchathites.ª Theseª [are] the Kenitesª that cameª° of Hemath,²¹¹ the fatherª of the houseª of Rechab.ª" {1Ch 2:55}
"That be farª from thee to doª°¹ after this¹ manner,ª to slayª° the righteousª with¹ the wicked:ª and that the righteousª should be¹ as the wicked,ª that be farª from thee: Shall not¹ the Judgeª° of all¹ the earthª doª° right?ª" {Gen 18:25} + "And the men²¹ saidª° unto¹ Lot,ª Hast thou hereª anyª besides?¹ son in law,ª and thy sons,ª and thy daughters,ª and whatsoeverª¹ thou hast in the city,ª bring¹ [them] out²° of¹ this place:ª ... And while he lingered,ª° the men²¹ laid holdª° upon his hand,ª and upon the handª of his wife,ª and upon the handª of his twoª daughters;ª the LORDª being mercifulª unto¹ him: and they brought him forth,ª° and set¹ him²° withoutª¹ the city.ª" {Gen 19:12-16} + "And he spakeª° unto¹ the congregation,ª saying,ª° Depart,ª° I pray you,¹ from¹¹ the tentsª of these¹ wickedª men,²¹ and touchª° nothing¹¹ of theirs, lest¹ ye be consumedª° in all¹ their sins.ª ... So they gat upª° from¹¹ the tabernacleª of Korah,ª Dathan,ª and Abiram,ª on every side:ª¹ and Dathanª and Abiramª came out,ª° and stoodª° in the doorª of their tents,ª and their wives,ª and their sons,ª and their little children.ª" {Num 16:26-27} + "And all¹ Israelª that¹ [were] round aboutª them fledª° at the cryª of them: for¹ they said,ª° Lest¹ the earthª swallow us upª° [also]." {Num 16:34} + "Forsakeª° the foolish,ª and live;ª° and goª° in the wayª of understanding.ª" {Prv 9:6} + "Andª with manyª otherª wordsª did he testifyª° andª exhort,ª° saying,ª° Save¹ yourselves²° fromª thisª untoward²¹ generation.ª" {Act 2:40} + "Whereforeª come outª° fromª amongª them,ª andª be ye separate,ª° saithª° the Lord,ª andª touchª° notª the uncleanª [thing]; and² I¹ will receiveª° you,ª" {2Co 6:17} + "Andª the¹ fruitsª that thyª soulª lusted afterª are departedª° fromª thee,ª andª all thingsª which² were daintyª andª goodlyª are departedª° fromª thee,ª andª thou shalt findª° themª no more² at all.ª¹" {Rev 18:14}
ye showed:
"And Jethroª rejoicedª° for¹ all¹ the goodnessª which¹ the LORDª had doneª° to Israel,ª whom¹ he had deliveredª° out of the handª¹ of the Egyptians.ª ... And Jethroª said,ª° Blessedª° [be] the LORD,ª who¹ hath deliveredª° you out of the handª¹ of the Egyptians,ª and out of the handª¹ of Pharaoh,ª who¹ hath deliveredª°¹ the peopleª from under¹¹ the handª of the Egyptians.ª" {Exd 18:9-10} + "Hearkenª° now¹ unto my voice,ª I will give thee counsel,ª° and Godª shall beª° with¹ thee: Be¹ thou¹ for the peopleª to God-ward,ªª that thou¹ mayest bringª°¹ the causesª unto¹ God:ª" {Exd 18:19} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto Hobab,ª the sonª of Raguelª the Midianite,ª Moses'ª father in law,ª° We¹ are journeyingª° unto¹ the placeª of which¹ the LORDª said,ª° I will giveª° it you: come²°¹ thou with¹ us, and we will do thee good:²°¹ for¹ the LORDª hath spokenª° goodª concerning¹ Israel.ª ... And it shall be,¹ if¹ thou go²°¹ with¹ us, yea, it shall be,¹ that what¹ goodnessª the LORDª shall doª° unto¹ us, the same will we do²°¹ unto thee." {Num 10:29-32} + "The¹ Lordª giveª° mercyª unto the¹ houseª of Onesiphorus;ª forª he²° oftª refreshedª° me,ª andª was²° notª ashamedª° of myª chain:ª" {2Tm 1:16}

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