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{1 Samuel 15:3} Now x6258 go y3212 z8798 x1980 and smite 5221 z8689 x853 Amalek, 6002 and utterly destroy 2763 z8689 x853 all x3605 that x834 they have, and spare 2550 z8799 x5921 them not; x3808 but slay 4191 z8689 both man 376 x4480 and x5704 woman, 802 infant 5768 x4480 and suckling, 3243 z8802 ox 7794 x4480 and sheep, 7716 camel 1581 x4480 and ass. 2543
Now go:
The Amalekites, a people of Arabia Petrea, who inhabited a tract of country on the frontiers of Egypt and Canaan, had acted with great cruelty towards the Israelites on their coming out of Egypt, and God then purposed that Amalek, as a nation, should be blotted out from under heaven; but it had been spared till it had filled up the measure of its iniquities, and now this purpose is carried into effect by Saul, upwards of 400 years afterwards! Nothing could justify such an exterminating decree but the absolute authority of God; and this was given. All the reasons of it we do not know; but this we know well, the Judge of all the earth doeth right.
utterly destroy:
"Notwithstanding¹ no¹¹ devoted thing,ª that¹ a manª shall devoteª° unto the LORDª of all¹¹ that¹ he hath, [both] of manª¹ and beast,ª and of the fieldª¹ of his possession,ª shall be soldª° or redeemed:ª° every¹ devoted thingª [is] most² holyª unto the LORD.ª ... None¹¹ devoted,ª which¹ shall be² devotedª° of¹ men,ª shall be redeemed;ª° [but] shall surely²° be put to death.ª°" {Lev 27:28-29} + "And when he looked²° on¹¹ Amalek,ª he took upª° his parable,ª and said,ª° Amalekª [was] the firstª of the nations;ª but his latter² end¹ [shall be] that he perishª for ever.ª" {Num 24:20} + "Thou shalt surely²° smiteª°¹ the inhabitantsª° of that¹ cityª with the edgeª of the sword,ª destroying it utterly,ª°¹ and all¹ that¹ [is] therein, and the cattleª thereof, with the edgeª of the sword.ª ... And thou shalt gatherª° all¹ the spoilª of it into¹ the midstª of the streetª thereof, and shalt burnª° with fireª¹ the city,ª and all¹ the spoilª thereof every whit,ª for the LORDª thy God:ª and it shall be¹ an heapª for ever;ª it shall not¹ be built¹ again.²°¹" {Deu 13:15-16} + "But¹ of the citiesª¹ of these¹ people,ª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª doth giveª° thee [for] an inheritance,ª thou shalt save aliveª° nothing¹¹ that breatheth:ª ... That¹¹ they teachª° you not¹ to doª° after all¹ their abominations,ª which¹ they have doneª° unto their gods;ª so should ye sinª° against the LORDª your God.ª" {Deu 20:16-18} + "And the cityª shall be¹ accursed,ª [even] it,¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] therein, to the LORD:ª only¹ Rahabª the harlotª° shall live,ª° she¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] with¹ her in the house,ª because¹ she hidª°¹ the messengersª that¹ we sent.ª° ... And they utterly destroyedª°¹ all¹ that¹ [was] in the city,ª both manª¹ and woman,ª youngª¹ and old,ª and ox,ª and sheep,ª and ass,ª with the edgeª of the sword.ª" {Jsh 6:17-21}
"Thou shalt not¹ bow down²° thyself¹ to them, nor¹ serveª° them: for¹ I¹ the LORDª thy Godª [am] a jealousª God,ª visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the childrenª unto¹ the thirdª and fourthª [generation] of them that hateª° me;" {Exd 20:5} + "Now¹ therefore killª° every¹ maleª among the little ones,ª and killª° every¹ womanª that hath knownª° manª by lyingª with him.ª" {Num 31:17} + "Prepareª° slaughterª for his childrenª for the iniquityª of their fathers;ª that they do notª rise,ª° nor possessª° the land,ª nor fillª° the faceª of the worldª with cities.ª²° ... For I will rise upª° against¹ them, saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª and cut offª° from Babylonª the name,ª and remnant,ª and son,ª and nephew,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Isa 14:21-22}
ox and sheep:
"And unto Adamª he said,ª° Because¹ thou hast hearkenedª° unto the voiceª of thy wife,ª and hast eatenª° of¹ the tree,ª of whichª I commanded¹ thee,²° saying,ª° Thou shalt not¹ eatª° of¹ it: cursedª° [is] the groundª for thy sake;¹ in sorrowª shalt thou eatª° [of] it allª the daysª of thy life;ª ... Thorns¹ also² and thistlesª shall it bring forthª° to thee; and thou shalt eatª°¹ the herbª of the field;ª" {Gen 3:17-18} + "Forª the¹ creatureª was made subjectª° to vanity,ª notª willingly,ª butª by reason² of¹ him who hath subjectedª° [the same] inª hope,ª ... Forª we knowª° thatª the wholeª creationª groanethª° andª travaileth in pain togetherª° untilª now.ª" {Rom 8:20-22}

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