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{1 Samuel 14:36} And Saul 7586 said, 559 z8799 Let us go down 3381 z8799 after 310 the Philistines 6430 by night, 3915 and spoil 962 z8799 them until x5704 the morning 1242 light, 216 and let us not x3808 leave 7604 z8686 a man 376 of them. And they said, 559 z8799 Do 6213 z8798 whatsoever x3605 seemeth 5869 good 2896 unto thee. Then said 559 z8799 the priest, 3548 Let us draw near 7126 z8799 hither 1988 unto x413 God. 430
Let us go:
"Joshuaª therefore cameª° unto¹ them suddenly,ª [and] went upª° from¹ Gilgalª all¹ night.ª ... And there was¹ no¹ dayª like that¹ beforeª it or afterª it, that the LORDª hearkenedª° unto the voiceª of a man:ª for¹ the LORDª foughtª° for Israel.ª" {Jsh 10:9-14} + "And stayª° ye¹ not,¹ [but] pursueª° afterª your enemies,ª° and smite the hindmostª° of them; sufferª° them not¹ to enterª° into¹ their cities:ª for¹ the LORDª your Godª hath deliveredª° them into your hand.ª" {Jsh 10:19} + "Arise,ª° and let us goª° by night,ª and let us destroyª° her palaces.ª" {Jer 6:5}
let us not leave:
"And it was¹ [so] on the morrow,ª¹ that Saulª putª°¹ the peopleª in threeª companies;ª and they cameª° into the midstª of the hostª in the morningª watch,ª and slewª°¹ the Ammonitesª until¹ the heatª of the day:ª and it came to pass,¹ that they which remainedª° were scattered,ª° so that twoª of them were not¹ leftª° together.ª" {1Sm 11:11} + "And all¹ the spoilª of these¹ cities,ª and the cattle,ª the childrenª of Israelª took for a preyª° unto themselves; but¹¹ every¹ manª they smoteª° with the edgeª of the sword,ª until¹ they had destroyedª° them, neither¹ leftª° they any¹ to breathe.ª" {Jsh 11:14}
Then said the priest:
It is evident that Ahiah, who had before been interrupted by Saul's impatience, doubted of the propriety of pursuing the Philistines that night, and properly counselled them to enquire of the Lord. "And he shall standª° beforeª Eleazarª the priest,ª who shall askª° [counsel] for him after the judgmentª of Urimª beforeª the LORD:ª at¹ his wordª shall they go out,ª° and at¹ his wordª they shall come in,ª° [both] he,¹ and all¹ the childrenª of Israelª with¹ him, even all¹ the congregation.ª" {Num 27:21} + "But² [it¹ is] goodª for me to draw nearª to God:ª I have putª° my trustª in the Lordª GOD,ª that I may declareª° all¹ thy works.ª" {Psa 73:28} + "Hearª° ye this,¹ O houseª of Jacob,ª which are calledª° by the nameª of Israel,ª and are come forthª° out of the watersª¹ of Judah,ª which swearª° by the nameª of the LORD,ª and make mentionª° of the Godª of Israel,ª [but] not¹ in truth,ª nor¹ in righteousness.ª ... For¹ they call²° themselves¹ of the holyª city,ª¹ and stay²° themselves¹ upon¹ the Godª of Israel;ª The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name.ª" {Isa 48:1-2} + "Yet they seekª° me daily,ª and delightª° to knowª my ways,ª as a nationª that¹ didª° righteousness,ª and forsookª° not¹ the ordinanceª of their God:ª they askª° of me the ordinancesª of justice;ª they take delightª° in approachingª to God.ª" {Isa 58:2} + "For¹ the priest'sª lipsª should keepª° knowledge,ª and they should seekª° the lawª at his mouth:ª¹ for¹ he¹ [is] the messengerª of the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Mal 2:7} + "Draw nighª° to God,ª andª he will draw nighª° to you.ª Cleanseª° [your] hands,ª [ye] sinners;ª andª purifyª° [your] hearts,ª [ye] double minded.ª" {Jms 4:8}

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