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{1 Samuel 6:9} And see, 7200 z8804 if x518 it goeth up 5927 z8799 by the way 1870 of his own coast 1366 to Bethshemesh, 1053 [then] he x1931 hath done 6213 z8804 us x853 this x2063 great 1419 evil: 7451 but if x518 not, x3808 then we shall know 3045 z8804 that x3588 [it is] not x3808 his hand 3027 [that] smote 5060 z8804 us: it x1931 [was] a chance 4745 [that] happened x1961 to us. y1961 z8804
"And the borderª compassedª° from Baalahª¹ westwardª unto¹ mountª Seir,ª and passed²° along¹ unto¹ the sideª of mountª Jearim,ª which¹ [is] Chesalon,ª on the north side,ª¹ and went downª° to Bethshemesh,ª and passed onª° to Timnah:ª" {Jsh 15:10} + "And Ainª with¹ her suburbs,ª and Juttahª with¹ her suburbs,ª [and]¹ Bethshemeshª with¹ her suburbs;ª nineª citiesª out of¹¹ those¹ twoª tribes.ª" {Jsh 21:16}
or, it, "Shall a trumpetª be blownª° in the city,ª and the peopleª not¹ be afraid?ª° shall there be¹ evilª in a city,ª and the LORDª hath not¹ doneª° [it]?" {Ams 3:6}
we shall:
"And they said,ª° If¹ ye send awayª°¹ the arkª of the Godª of Israel,ª sendª° it not¹ empty;ª but¹ in any wise²° returnª° him a trespass offering:ª then¹ ye shall be healed,ª° and it shall be knownª° to you why¹ his handª is not¹ removedª° from¹ you." {1Sm 6:3}
not his hand:
"LORD,ª [when] thy handª is lifted up,²°¹ they will not¹ see:ª° [but] they shall see,ª° and be ashamedª° for [their] envyª at the people;ª yea,¹ the fireª of thine enemiesª shall devourª° them." {Isa 26:11}
a chance:
"And the young manª that toldª° him said,ª° As I happenedª° by chanceª° upon mountª Gilboa,ª behold,¹ Saulª leanedª° upon¹ his spear;ª and, lo,¹ the chariotsª and horsemenªª followed hardª° after him." {2Sm 1:6} + "I returned,ª° and sawª° under¹ the sun,ª that¹ the raceª [is] not¹ to the swift,ª nor¹ the battleª to the strong,ª neither¹ yet¹ breadª to the wise,ª nor¹ yet¹ richesª to men of understanding,ª° nor¹ yet¹ favourª to men of skill;ª° but¹ timeª and chanceª happenethª° to¹ them all.¹" {Ecc 9:11} + "Andª byª chanceª there came downª° a certainª priestª¹ thatª² way:ª andª when he sawª° him,ª he passed by on the other side.ª°" {Lke 10:31}

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