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{1 Samuel 6:4} Then said 559 z8799 they, What x4100 [shall be] the trespass offering 817 which x834 we shall return 7725 z8686 to him? They answered, 559 z8799 Five 2568 golden 2091 emerods, 6076 y2914 z8675 and five 2568 golden 2091 mice, 5909 [according to] the number 4557 of the lords 5633 of the Philistines: 6430 for x3588 one 259 plague 4046 [was] on you all, x3605 and on your lords. 5633
Five golden:
"Wherefore ye shall makeª° imagesª of your emerods,ª²° and imagesª of your miceª that marª°¹ the land;ª and ye shall giveª° gloryª unto the Godª of Israel:ª peradventure¹ he will lightenª°¹ his handª from off¹¹ you, and from off¹¹ your gods,ª and from off¹¹ your land.ª" {1Sm 6:5} + "And these¹ [are] the goldenª emerodsª which¹ the Philistinesª returnedª° [for] a trespass offeringª unto the LORD;ª for Ashdodª one,ª for Gazaª one,ª for Askelonª one,ª for Gathª one,ª for Ekronª one;ª ... And the goldenª mice,ª [according to] the numberª of all¹ the citiesª of the Philistinesª [belonging] to the fiveª lords,ª [both] of fenced² cities,ª¹¹ and of¹ countryª villages,ª even unto¹ the greatª [stone of] Abel,ª whereon¹¹ they set down²°¹¹ the arkª of the LORD:ª [which stone remaineth] unto¹ this¹ dayª in the fieldª of Joshua,ª the Bethshemite.ª" {1Sm 6:17-18} + "But the handª of the LORDª was heavyª° upon¹ them of Ashdod,²¹ and he destroyedª° them, and smoteª° them with emerods,ª²° [even]¹ Ashdodª and the coastsª thereof." {1Sm 5:6} + "And it was¹ [so], that, afterª they had carried it about,ª°¹ the handª of the LORDª was¹ against the cityª with a veryª greatª destruction:ª and he smoteª°¹ the men²¹ of the city,ª both smallª¹ and great,ª and they had emerodsª²° in their secret parts.ª°" {1Sm 5:9} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª° according to the wordª of Moses;ª and they borrowedª° of the Egyptiansª¹ jewelsª of silver,ª and jewelsª of gold,ª and raiment:ª" {Exd 12:35} + "From¹ Sihor,ª which¹ [is] beforeª¹ Egypt,ª even unto¹ the bordersª of Ekronª northward,ª [which] is countedª° to the Canaanite:ª fiveª lordsª of the Philistines;ª the Gazathites,ª and the Ashdothites,ª the Eshkalonites,ª the Gittites,ª and the Ekronites;ª also the Avites:²¹" {Jsh 13:3} + "[Namely], fiveª lordsª of the Philistines,ª and all¹ the Canaanites,ª and the Sidonians,ª and the Hivitesª that dweltª° in mountª Lebanon,ª from mountª¹ Baalhermonª unto¹ the entering inª° of Hamath.ª" {Jdg 3:3}
you all:
Heb. them

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