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{1 Samuel 5:12} And the men y582 x376 that x834 died 4191 z8804 not x3808 were smitten 5221 z8717 with the emerods: 6076 y2914 z8675 and the cry 7775 of the city 5892 went up 5927 z8799 to heaven. 8064
"And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] him that escapethª° the swordª¹ of Hazaelª shall Jehuª slay:ª° and him that escapethª° from the swordª¹ of Jehuª shall Elishaª slay.ª°" {1Kg 19:17} + "As if¹ a manª did fleeª° fromª¹ a lion,ª and a bearª metª° him; or wentª° into the house,ª and leanedª° his handª on¹ the wall,ª and a serpentª bitª° him." {Ams 5:19}
the cry:
"To morrowª about this timeª I will sendª° thee a manª out of the landª¹ of Benjamin,ª and thou shalt anointª° him [to be] captainª over¹ my peopleª Israel,ª that he may saveª°¹ my peopleª out of the handª¹ of the Philistines:ª for¹ I have looked²° upon¹¹ my people,ª because¹ their cryª is comeª° unto me.¹" {1Sm 9:16} + "And Pharaohª rose upª° in the night,ª he,¹ and all¹ his servants,ª and all¹ the Egyptians;ª and there was¹ a greatª cryª in Egypt;ª for¹ [there was] not¹ a houseª where¹¹ [there was] not¹ one dead.ª°" {Exd 12:30} + "In their streetsª they shall girdª° themselves with sackcloth:ª on¹ the tops² of their houses,¹ and in their streets,ª every one¹ shall howl,ª° weepingª abundantly.ª° ... My heartª shall cry¹ out²° for Moab;ª his fugitivesª [shall flee] unto¹ Zoar,ª an heiferª of three years old:ª for¹ by the mounting upª of Luhithª with weepingª shall they go it up;ª° for¹ in the wayª of Horonaimª they shall raise upª° a cryª of destruction.ª" {Isa 15:3-5} + "Judahª mourneth,ª° and the gatesª thereof languish;ª° they are blackª° unto the ground;ª and the cryª of Jerusalemª is gone up.ª°" {Jer 14:2} + "Howl,ª° ye shepherds,ª° and cry;ª° and wallow²° yourselves¹ [in the ashes], ye principalª of the flock:ª for¹ the daysª of your slaughterª° and of your dispersionsª are accomplished;ª° and ye shall fallª° like a pleasantª vessel.ª" {Jer 25:34} + "A voiceª of cryingª [shall be] from Horonaim,ª¹ spoilingª and greatª destruction.ª" {Jer 48:3}

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