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{Ruth 4:1} Then went y5927 z0 Boaz y1162 up 5927 z8804 x1162 to the gate, 8179 and sat him down 3427 z8799 there: x8033 and, behold, x2009 the kinsman 1350 z8802 of whom Boaz 1162 spake 1696 z8765 came y5674 z8802 by; x5674 unto whom x834 he said, 559 z8799 Ho, y1945 such 6423 a one! 492 turn aside, 5493 z8798 sit down 3427 z8798 here. x6311 And he turned aside, 5493 z8799 and sat down. 3427 z8799
to the gate:
"Judgesª° and officersª° shalt thou makeª° thee in all¹ thy gates,ª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee, throughout thy tribes:ª and they shall judgeª°¹ the peopleª with justª judgment.ª" {Deu 16:18} + "Then shalt thou bring forthª°¹ that¹ manª or¹ that¹ woman,ª which¹ have committedª°¹ that¹ wickedª thing,ª unto¹ thy gates,ª [even]¹ that manª or¹¹ that woman,ª and shalt stoneª° them with stones,ª till they die.ª°" {Deu 17:5} + "Then shall his fatherª and his motherª lay holdª° on him, and bring him outª°¹ unto¹ the eldersª of his city,ª and unto¹ the gateª of his place;ª" {Deu 21:19} + "And if¹ the manª likeª° not¹ to takeª°¹ his brother's wife,ª then let his brother's wifeª go upª° to the gateª unto¹ the elders,ª and say,ª° My husband's brotherª refusethª° to raise upª° unto his brotherª a nameª in Israel,ª he willª° not¹ perform the duty of my husband's brother.ª°" {Deu 25:7} + "When I went outª° to the gateª through¹ the city,ª [when] I preparedª° my seatª in the street!ª" {Job 29:7} + "If¹ I have lifted upª° my handª against¹ the fatherless,ª when¹ I sawª° my helpª in the gate:ª" {Job 31:21} + "They hateª° him that rebukethª° in the gate,ª and they abhorª° him that speakethª° uprightly.ª ... For¹ I knowª° your manifoldª transgressionsª and your mightyª sins:ª they afflictª° the just,ª they takeª° a bribe,ª and they turn asideª° the poorª in the gateª [from their right]." {Ams 5:10-12} + "Hateª° the evil,ª and loveª° the good,ª and establishª° judgmentª in the gate:ª it may be¹ that the LORDª Godª of hostsª will be graciousª° unto the remnantª of Joseph.ª" {Ams 5:15}
the kinsman:
"And now¹¹ it is trueª that¹¹ I¹ [am thy] near kinsman:ª° howbeit¹ there isª a kinsmanª° nearerª than¹ I." {Rth 3:12}
"Ho,ª every one¹ that thirsteth,ª come²°¹ ye to the waters,ª and he that¹ hath no¹ money;ª come²°¹ ye, buy,ª° and eat;ª° yea, come,²°¹ buyª° wineª and milkª without¹ moneyª and without¹ price.ª" {Isa 55:1} + "Ho,ª ho,ª [come forth], and fleeª° from the landª¹ of the north,ª saithª° the LORD:ª for¹ I have spread you abroadª°¹ as the fourª windsª of the heaven,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Zch 2:6}

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