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{Judges 18:20} And the priest's 3548 heart 3820 was glad, 3190 z8799 and he took 3947 z8799 x853 the ephod, 646 and the teraphim, 8655 and the graven image, 6459 and went x935 in y935 z8799 the midst 7130 of the people. 5971
"And Micahª saidª° unto him, Dwellª° with¹ me, and be¹ unto me a fatherª and a priest,ª and I¹ will giveª° thee tenª [shekels] of silverª by the year,ª and a suitª of apparel,ª and thy victuals.ª So the Leviteª went in.²°¹" {Jdg 17:10} + "The horseleachª hath twoª daughters,ª [crying], Give,ª° give.ª° There are threeª¹ [things that] are never¹ satisfied,ª° [yea], fourª [things] sayª° not,¹ [It is] enough:ª" {Prv 30:15} + "Yea, [they are] greedyªª dogsª [which] can²° never¹ haveª° enough,ª and they¹ [are] shepherdsª° [that] cannot¹¹ understand:ª° they all¹ lookª° to their own way,ª every oneª for his gain,ª from his quarter.ª¹" {Isa 56:11} + "And will ye polluteª° me among¹ my peopleª for handfulsª of barleyª and for piecesª of bread,ª to slayª° the soulsª that¹ should not¹ die,ª° and to save²° the souls² aliveª°¹ that¹ should not¹ live,ª° by your lyingª° to my peopleª that hearª° [your] lies?ª" {Ezk 13:19} + "Therefore¹¹ shall the landª mourn,ª° and every one¹ that dwellethª° therein shall languish,ª° with the beastsª of the field,ª and with the fowlsª of heaven;ª yea, the fishesª of the seaª also¹ shall be taken away.ª°" {Hsa 4:3} + "I have covetedª° no man'sª silver,ª orª gold,ª orª apparel.ª" {Act 20:33} + "Whoseª endª [is] destruction,ª whoseª God²¹ [is their] belly,ª andª [whose] gloryª [is] inª theirª shame,ª who² mindª° earthly things.)ª" {Php 3:19} + "Andª throughª covetousnessª shall they with feignedª wordsª make merchandiseª° of you:ª whoseª judgmentª now of a long timeª lingerethª° not,ª andª theirª damnationª slumberethª° not.ª" {2Pe 2:3} + "Which have forsakenª° the¹ rightª way,ª and are gone astray,ª° followingª° the¹ wayª of Balaamª [the son] of Bosor,ª whoª lovedª° the wagesª of unrighteousness;ª ... Butª was²° rebukedª¹ for hisª iniquity:ª the dumbª assª speakingª° withª man'sª voiceª forbadª° the¹ madnessª of the¹ prophet.ª" {2Pe 2:15-16}
He was glad of his preferment among the Danites; and went into the crowd, that he might not be discovered by Micah or his family.

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