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{Judges 11:34} And Jephthah 3316 came 935 z8799 to Mizpeh 4709 unto x413 his house, 1004 and, behold, x2009 his daughter 1323 came out 3318 z8802 to meet 7125 z8800 him with timbrels 8596 and with dances: 4246 and she x1931 [was his] only child; 3173 beside x4480 her he had neither x369 son 1121 nor 176 daughter. 1323
"Then Jephthahª went²°¹ with¹ the eldersª of Gilead,ª and the peopleª madeª° him headª and captainª over¹ them: and Jephthahª utteredª°¹ all¹ his wordsª beforeª the LORDª in Mizpeh.ª" {Jdg 11:11} + "Then the childrenª of Ammonª were gathered together,ª° and encampedª° in Gilead.ª And the childrenª of Israelª assembled themselves together,ª° and encampedª° in Mizpeh.ª" {Jdg 10:17}
his daughter:
"Then sangª° Deborahª and Barakª the sonª of Abinoamª on that¹ day,ª saying,ª° ... So¹ let all¹ thine enemiesª° perish,ª° O LORD:ª but [let] them that loveª° him [be] as the sunª when he goeth forthª° in his might.ª And the landª had restª° fortyª years.ª" {Jdg 5:1-31} + "And Miriamª the prophetess,ª the sisterª of Aaron,ª tookª°¹ a timbrelª in her hand;ª and all¹ the womenª went outª° afterª her with timbrelsª and with dances.ª" {Exd 15:20} + "And it came to pass¹ as they came,ª° when Davidª was returnedª° from the slaughterª°¹ of¹ the Philistine,ª that the womenª came outª° of all¹¹ citiesª of Israel,ª singingª° and dancing,ª to meetª° kingª Saul,ª with tabrets,ª with joy,ª and with instruments² of musick.¹ ... And the womenª answeredª° [one another] as they played,ª° and said,ª° Saulª hath slainª° his thousands,ª and Davidª his ten thousands.ª" {1Sm 18:6-7} + "The singersª° went before,ª° the players on instrumentsª° [followed] after;ª amongª [them were] the damselsª playing with timbrels.ª°" {Psa 68:25} + "Kingsª of the earth,ª and all¹ people;ª princes,ª and all¹ judgesª° of the earth:ª ... Both young men,ª and¹ maidens;ª old men,ª and¹ children:ª" {Psa 148:11-12} + "Praiseª° him with the timbrelª and dance:ª praiseª° him with stringed instrumentsª and organs.ª" {Psa 150:4} + "Again¹ I will buildª° thee, and thou shalt be built,ª° O virginª of Israel:ª thou shalt again¹ be adornedª° with thy tabrets,ª and shalt go forthª° in the dancesª of them that make merry.ª°" {Jer 31:4} + "Then¹ shall the virginª rejoiceª° in the dance,ª both young menª and oldª together:ª for I will turnª° their mourningª into joy,ª and will comfortª° them, and make them rejoiceª° from their sorrow.ª¹" {Jer 31:13}
beside her:
or, he had not of his own either son or daughter, Heb. of himself
"And I will pourª° upon¹ the houseª of David,ª and upon¹ the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª the spiritª of graceª and of supplications:ª and they shall lookª° upon¹ me¹ whom¹ they have pierced,ª° and they shall mourn²¹ for¹ him, as one mourneth²°¹ for¹ [his] onlyª [son], and shall be in bitternessª° for¹ him, as one that is in bitternessª° for¹ [his] firstborn.ª" {Zch 12:10} + "Nowª whenª he came nighª° to the¹ gateª of the¹ city,ª¹ behold,ª²° there was²° a dead manª° carried out,ª° the onlyª sonª of his²¹ mother,ª andª she²¹ wasª° a widow:ª andª muchª peopleª of the¹ cityª wasª° withª her.ª" {Lke 7:12} + "Forª heª hadª° one onlyª daughter,ª aboutª twelveª years of age,ª andª sheª°² lay a dying.ª° Butª as² heª wentª° the¹ peopleª throngedª° him.ª" {Lke 8:42} + "And,ª behold,ª° a manª ofª the¹ companyª cried out,ª° saying,ª° Master,ª I beseechª° thee,ª lookª° uponª myª son:ª forª he isª° mineª only child.ª" {Lke 9:38}

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