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{Judges 11:29} Then the Spirit 7307 of the LORD 3068 came x1961 upon x5921 Jephthah, 3316 and he passed over 5674 z8799 x853 Gilead, 1568 and Manasseh, 4519 and passed over 5674 z8799 x853 Mizpeh 4708 of Gilead, 1568 and from Mizpeh 4708 x4480 of Gilead 1568 he passed over 5674 z8804 [unto] the children 1121 of Ammon. 5983
the spirit:
"And the Spiritª of the LORDª came¹ upon¹ him, and he judgedª°¹ Israel,ª and went outª° to war:ª and the LORDª deliveredª°¹ Chushanrishathaimª kingª of Mesopotamiaª into his hand;ª and his handª prevailedª° against¹ Chushanrishathaim.ª" {Jdg 3:10} + "But the Spiritª of the LORDª came²° upon¹¹ Gideon,ª and he blewª° a trumpet;ª and Abiezerª was gatheredª° afterª him." {Jdg 6:34} + "And the Spiritª of the LORDª beganª° to move¹ him at times²° in the campª of Danª between¹ Zorahª and Eshtaol.ª" {Jdg 13:25} + "And the LORDª came downª° in a cloud,ª and spakeª° unto¹ him, and tookª° of¹ the spiritª that¹ [was] upon¹ him, and gaveª° [it] unto¹ the seventyª elders:ªª and it came to pass,¹ [that], when the spiritª restedª° upon¹ them, they prophesied,ª° and did not¹ cease.ª°" {Num 11:25} + "And when they cameª° thither¹ to the hill,ª behold,¹ a companyª of prophetsª metª° him; and the Spiritª of Godª cameª° upon¹ him, and he prophesiedª° amongª them." {1Sm 10:10} + "Then Samuelª tookª°¹ the hornª of oil,ª and anointedª° him in the midstª of his brethren:ª and the Spiritª of the LORDª cameª° upon¹ Davidª from that dayª¹¹ forward.ª So Samuelª rose up,ª° and went²°¹ to Ramah.ª ... And Saul'sª servantsª saidª° unto¹ him, Behold¹ now,¹ an evilª spiritª from Godª troublethª° thee." {1Sm 16:13-15} + "Then the spiritª came²° upon¹¹ Amasai,ª [who was] chiefª of the captains,ª²° [and he said], Thine [are we], David,ª and on thy side,¹ thou sonª of Jesse:ª peace,ª peaceª [be] unto thee, and peaceª [be] to thine helpers;ª° for¹ thy Godª helpethª° thee. Then Davidª receivedª° them, and madeª° them captainsª of the band.ª" {1Ch 12:18}
"Jephthah seems to have been judge only of north-east Israel."
over Mizpeh:
"Then the childrenª of Ammonª were gathered together,ª° and encampedª° in Gilead.ª And the childrenª of Israelª assembled themselves together,ª° and encampedª° in Mizpeh.ª" {Jdg 10:17}

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