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{Judges 11:8} And the elders 2205 of Gilead 1568 said 559 z8799 unto x413 Jephthah, 3316 Therefore x3651 we turn again 7725 z8804 to x413 thee now, x6258 that thou mayest go 1980 z8804 with x5973 us, and fight 3898 z8738 against the children 1121 of Ammon, 5983 and be x1961 our head 7218 over all x3605 the inhabitants 3427 z8802 of Gilead. 1568
the elders:
"Then Pharaohª calledª° for Mosesª and Aaron,ª and said,ª° Intreatª°¹ the LORD,ª that he may take awayª° the frogsª from¹ me, and from my people;ª¹ and I will let¹ the peopleª go,ª° that they may do sacrificeª° unto the LORD.ª" {Exd 8:8} + "And Pharaohª said,ª° I¹ will let you go,ª° that ye may sacrificeª° to the LORDª your Godª in the wilderness;ª only¹ ye shall not¹ go²°¹ very²° far away:ª° intreatª° for¹ me.²" {Exd 8:28} + "Intreatª°¹ the LORDª (for [it is] enough)ª that there be no¹¹ [more] mightyª thunderingsª and hail;ª and I will let you go,ª° and ye shall stayª° no¹ longer.ª°" {Exd 9:28} + "Now¹ therefore forgive,ª° I pray thee,¹ my sinª only¹ this once,ª and intreatª° the LORDª your God,ª that he may take awayª° from¹¹ me this¹¹ deathª only.¹" {Exd 10:17} + "And the kingª answeredª° and saidª° unto¹ the manª of God,ª Intreatª° now¹¹ the faceª of the LORDª thy God,ª and prayª° for¹ me, that my handª may be restored me again.ª°¹ And the manª of Godª besoughtª°²¹ the LORD,ª¹ and the king'sª handª was restored him again,ª°¹ and became¹ as [it was] before.ª" {1Kg 13:6} + "Take heedª° to yourselves:ª¹ Ifª² thyª brotherª trespassª° againstª thee,ª rebukeª° him;ª andª ifª he repent,ª° forgiveª° him.ª ... Andª ifª he trespassª° againstª theeª seven timesª in a day,ª andª seven timesª in a dayª turn againª° toª thee,ª saying,ª° I repent;ª° thou shalt forgiveª° him.ª" {Lke 17:3-4}
we turn:
"And the peopleª [and] princesª of Gileadª saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª What¹ manª [is he] that¹ will beginª° to fightª° against the childrenª of Ammon?ª he shall be¹ headª over all¹ the inhabitantsª° of Gilead.ª" {Jdg 10:18}

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