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{Judges 11:3} Then Jephthah 3316 fled 1272 z8799 from 6440 x4480 his brethren, 251 and dwelt 3427 z8799 in the land 776 of Tob: 2897 and there were gathered 3950 z8691 vain 7386 men y582 x376 to x413 Jephthah, 3316 and went out 3318 z8799 with x5973 him.
from his brethren:
Heb. from the face of
Probably the same as Ish-Tob; and appears to have been a part of Syria, near Zobah, Rehob, and Maachah, east of Jordan, and in the most northern part of the portion of Manasseh. If so, it could not be far from Gilead, the country of Jephthah. This country is called Tobie or Tubin, 1 Maccabees 5:13; and the Jews who inhabited this district Tubieni, 2 Maccabees 12:17; "And when the childrenª of Ammonª sawª° that¹ they stankª° before David,ª the childrenª of Ammonª sentª° and hiredª°¹ the Syriansª of Bethrehob,ª and the Syriansª of Zoba,ª twentyª thousandª footmen,ª and of kingª Maacahª a thousandª men,ª and of Ishtobª twelveªª thousandª men.ª" {2Sm 10:6}.
vain men:
"And they gaveª° him threescore and tenª [pieces] of silverª out of the houseª¹ of Baalberith,ª wherewith Abimelechª hiredª° vainª and lightª° persons,²¹ which followed²°¹¹ him.²" {Jdg 9:4} + "And every¹ oneª [that was] in distress,ª and every¹ oneª that¹ [was] in debt,ª° and every¹ oneª [that was] discontented,ªª gathered²° themselves¹ unto¹ him; and he became¹ a captainª over¹ them: and there were¹ with¹ him about fourª hundredª men.ª" {1Sm 22:2} + "And Davidª arose,ª° and he¹ passed overª° with the sixª hundredª menª that¹ [were] with¹ him unto¹ Achish,ª the sonª of Maoch,ª kingª of Gath.ª" {1Sm 27:2} + "Then answeredª° all¹ the wickedª menª and [men] of Belial,ª of those²¹¹ that¹ wentª° with¹ David,ª and said,ª° Because¹¹ they wentª° not¹ with¹ us, we will not¹ giveª° them [ought] of the spoilª¹ that¹ we have recovered,ª° save¹¹ to every manª¹ his wifeª and his children,ª that they may lead [them] away,ª° and depart.²°¹ ... For who¹ will hearkenª° unto you in this¹ matter?ª but¹ as his partª [is] that goeth downª°°° to the battle,ª so [shall] his partª [be] that tarriethª° by¹ the stuff:ª they shall partª° alike.ª" {1Sm 30:22-24} + "But now¹ [they that are] youngerªª than¹ I have me in derision,ª°¹ whose¹ fathersª I would have disdainedª° to have setª° with¹ the dogsª of my flock.ª ... They abhorª° me, they flee farª° from¹ me, and spareª° not¹ to spitª in my face.ª¹" {Job 30:1-10} + "Butª the¹ Jewsª which believed not,ª° moved with envy,ªª° took unto¹ them²° certainª lewdª fellowsª of the¹ baser sort,ª andª gathered a company,ª° and set all²° the city² on an uproar,²°¹¹¹ andª assaultedª° the¹ houseª of Jason,ª and soughtª° to¹ bring²° them² out²¹ to¹ the¹ people.ª" {Act 17:5}

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