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{Judges 9:1} And Abimelech 40 the son 1121 of Jerubbaal 3378 went y3212 z8799 x1980 to Shechem 7927 unto x413 his mother's 517 brethren, 251 and communed 1696 z8762 with x413 them, and with x413 all x3605 the family 4940 of the house 1004 of his mother's 517 father, 1 saying, 559 z8800
"And his concubineª that¹ [was] in Shechem,ª she¹ also¹ bareª° him a son,ª¹ whose nameª he calledª° Abimelech.ª" {Jdg 8:31}
"And Jacobª cameª° to Shalem,²¹ a cityª of Shechem,ª which¹ [is] in the landª of Canaan,ª when he cameª° from Padanaram;ª¹ and pitched his tentª°¹ beforeª the city.ª" {Gen 33:18} + "And when Shechem²¹ the sonª of Hamorª the Hivite,ª princeª of the country,ª sawª° her, he tookª° her, and lay²° with¹ her, and defiled¹ her.²°" {Gen 34:2} + "And Rehoboamª went²°¹ to Shechem:ª for¹ all¹ Israelª were comeª° to Shechemª to make him king.ª°¹" {1Kg 12:1}
"And on this¹ mannerª didª° Absalomª to all¹ Israelª that¹ cameª° to¹ the kingª for judgment:ª so Absalomª stoleª°¹ the heartsª of the men²¹ of Israel.ª" {2Sm 15:6} + "That they sentª° and calledª° him. And Jeroboamª and all¹ the congregationª of Israelª came,ª° and spakeª° unto¹ Rehoboam,ª saying,ª°" {1Kg 12:3} + "And it came to pass,¹ when all¹ Israelª heardª° that¹ Jeroboamª was come again,ª° that they sentª° and calledª° him unto¹ the congregation,ª and made him kingª°¹ over¹ all¹ Israel:ª there was¹ none¹ that followedª the houseª of David,ª butª the tribeª of Judahª only.¹" {1Kg 12:20} + "For,¹ lo,¹ thine enemiesª° make a tumult:ª° and they that hateª° thee have lifted upª° the head.ª ... They have said,ª° Come,²°¹ and let us cut them offª° from [being] a nation;ª¹ that the nameª of Israelª may be no¹ more¹ in remembrance.ª°" {Psa 83:2-4} + "Then saidª° they, Come,²°¹ and let us deviseª° devicesª against¹ Jeremiah;ª for¹ the lawª shall not¹ perishª° from the priest,ª¹ nor counselª from the wise,ª¹ nor the wordª from the prophet.ª¹ Come,²°¹ and let us smiteª° him with the tongue,ª and let us not¹ give heedª° to¹ any¹ of his words.ª" {Jer 18:18}

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