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{Judges 8:26} And the weight 4948 of the golden 2091 earrings 5141 that x834 he requested 7592 z8804 was x1961 a thousand 505 and seven 7651 hundred 3967 [shekels] of gold; 2091 beside x905 x4480 ornaments, 7720 and collars, 5188 and purple 713 raiment 899 that [was] on x7945 x5921 the kings 4428 of Midian, 4080 and beside x905 x4480 the chains 6060 that x834 [were] about their camels' 1581 necks. 6677
a thousand:
Taking the shekel at half an ounce, the sum of the gold ear-rings was 73 lbs. 4 oz. and worth about 3,300 sterling.
or, sweet jewels
"And Mordecaiª went outª° from the presenceª¹ of the kingª in royalª apparelª of blueª and white,ª and with a greatª crownª of gold,ª and with a garmentª of fine linenª and purple:ª and the cityª of Shushanª rejoicedª° and was glad.²¹" {Est 8:15} + "Silverª spread into platesª° is broughtª° from Tarshish,ª¹ and goldª from Uphaz,ª¹ the workª of the workman,ª and of the handsª of the founder:ª° blueª and purpleª [is] their clothing:ª they [are] all¹ the workª of cunningª [men]." {Jer 10:9} + "Fine linenª with broidered workª from Egyptª¹ was¹ that which thou spreadest forthª to be¹ thy sail;ª blueª and purpleª from the islesª¹ of Elishahª was¹ that which coveredª thee." {Ezk 27:7} + "² There¹ wasª° a certainª richª man,ª whichª was clothedª° in purpleª andª fine linen,ª and faredª° sumptuouslyª every² day:ª¹" {Lke 16:19} + "Andª the¹ soldiersª plattedª° a crownª ofª thorns,ª and put [it] onª° hisª head,ª andª they put onª° himª a purpleª robe,ª" {Jhn 19:2} + "Thenª cameª° Jesusª forth,ª wearingª° the¹ crownª of thorns,ª andª the¹ purpleª robe.ª Andª [Pilate] saithª° unto them,ª Beholdª the¹ man!ª" {Jhn 19:5} + "Andª the¹ womanª wasª° arrayedª° in purpleª andª scarlet colour,ª andª deckedª° with goldª andª preciousª stonesª andª pearls,ª havingª° a goldenª cupª inª her²¹ handª full¹ of²° abominationsª andª filthinessª of her²¹ fornication:ª" {Rev 17:4} + "The merchandiseª of gold,ª andª silver,ª andª preciousª stones,ª andª of pearls,ª andª fine linen,ª andª purple,ª andª silk,ª andª scarlet,ª andª allª thyineª wood,ª andª all mannerª vesselsª of ivory,ª andª all mannerª vesselsª ofª most preciousª wood,ª andª of brass,ª andª iron,ª andª marble,ª" {Rev 18:12} + "Andª saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª city,ª that was clothed¹ in²° fine linen,ª andª purple,ª andª scarlet,ª andª deckedª° withª gold,ª andª preciousª stones,ª andª pearls!ª" {Rev 18:16}
"Then Zebahª and Zalmunnaª said,ª° Riseª° thou,¹ and fallª° upon us: for¹ as the manª [is, so is] his strength.ª And Gideonª arose,ª° and slewª°¹ Zebahª and Zalmunna,ª and took awayª°¹ the ornamentsª that¹ [were] on their camels'ª necks.ª" {Jdg 8:21}

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