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{Judges 8:11} And Gideon 1439 went up 5927 z8799 by the way 1870 of them that dwelt 7931 z8803 in tents 168 on the east 6924 x4480 of Nobah 5025 and Jogbehah, 3011 and smote 5221 z8686 x853 the host: 4264 for the host 4264 was x1961 secure. 983
Nobah took its name from an Israelite who conquered it; and is said by Eusebius to have been, in his time, a forsaken place eight miles south from Heshbon. Jogbehah was probably near it. "And Atroth,¹ Shophan,ª and Jaazer,ª and Jogbehah,ª" {Num 32:35} + "And Nobahª wentª° and tookª°¹ Kenath,ª and the villagesª thereof, and calledª° it Nobah,ª after his own name.ª" {Num 32:42}
"And they¹ tookª°¹ [the things] which¹ Micahª had made,ª° and the priestª which¹ he had,¹ and cameª° unto¹ Laish,ª unto¹ a peopleª [that were] at quietª° and secure:ª° and they smoteª° them with the edgeª of the sword,ª and burntª° the cityª with fire.ª" {Jdg 18:27} + "Then saidª° Samuel,ª Bring ye hitherª° to¹ me¹ Agagª the kingª of the Amalekites.ª And Agagª came²°¹ unto¹ him delicately.ª And Agagª said,ª° Surelyª the bitternessª of deathª is past.ª°" {1Sm 15:32} + "And when he had brought him down,ª° behold,¹ [they were] spread abroadª° upon¹¹ all²¹ the earth,ª eatingª° and drinking,ª° and dancing,ª° because of all¹ the greatª spoilª that¹ they had takenª° out of the landª¹ of the Philistines,ª and out of the landª¹ of Judah.ª" {1Sm 30:16} + "Forª whenª they shall say,ª° Peaceª andª safety;ª thenª suddenª destructionª cometh uponª° them,ª asª travailª upon² a woman with child;ªª°¹ andª they shall²° notª escape.ª°" {1Th 5:3}

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