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{Judges 8:10} Now Zebah 2078 and Zalmunna 6759 [were] in Karkor, 7174 and their hosts 4264 with x5973 them, about fifteen 2568 6240 thousand 505 [men], all x3605 that were left 3498 z8737 of all x4480 x3605 the hosts 4264 of the children 1121 of the east: 6924 for there fell 5307 z8802 an hundred 3967 and twenty 6242 thousand 505 men 376 that drew 8025 z8802 sword. 2719
If this were the name of a place, it is no where else mentioned. Some contend that karkor signifies rest; and the Vulgate renders it requiescebant, "rested". This seems the most likely; for it is said ("And Gideonª went upª° by the wayª of them that dweltª° in tentsª on the eastª¹ of Nobahª and Jogbehah,ª and smoteª°¹ the host:ª for the hostª was¹ secure.ª" {Jdg 8:11}) that Gideon "smote the host. For the host was secure."
"And the Midianitesª and the Amalekites²¹ and all¹ the childrenª of the eastª layª° along in the valleyª like grasshoppersª for multitude;ª and their camelsª [were] without¹ number,ª as the sandª by¹¹ the seaª sideª for multitude.ª" {Jdg 7:12}
fell an hundred:
etc. or, an hundred and twenty thousand every one drawing a sword, "And the threeª hundredª blewª° the trumpets,ª and the LORDª setª°¹ every man'sª swordª against his fellow,ª even throughout all¹ the host:ª and the hostª fledª° to¹ Bethshittahª in Zererath,ª [and] to¹ the borderª of Abelmeholah,ª unto¹ Tabbath.ª" {Jdg 7:22} + "And the chiefª of all¹ the people,ª [even] of all¹ the tribesª of Israel,ª presented²° themselves¹ in the assemblyª of the peopleª of God,ª fourª hundredª thousandª footmenªª that drewª° sword.ª" {Jdg 20:2} + "And the childrenª of Benjaminª were numberedª° at that¹ timeª out of the citiesª¹ twentyª and sixª thousandª menª that drewª° sword,ª beside¹ the inhabitantsª°¹ of Gibeah,ª which were numberedª° sevenª hundredª chosen²°¹ men.ª" {Jdg 20:15} + "And the menª of Israel,ª beside¹ Benjamin,ª¹ were numberedª° fourª hundredª thousandª menª that drewª° sword:ª all¹ these¹ [were] menª of war.ª" {Jdg 20:17} + "And Benjaminª went forthª° againstª° them out of¹ Gibeahª the secondª day,ª and destroyed¹ down²° to the groundª of the childrenª of Israelª again¹ eighteenªª thousandª men;ª all¹ these¹ drewª° the sword.ª" {Jdg 20:25} + "And the LORDª smoteª°¹ Benjaminª beforeª Israel:ª and the childrenª of Israelª destroyedª° of the Benjamites²¹ that¹ dayª twentyª and fiveª thousandª and an hundredª men:ª all¹ these¹ drewª° the sword.ª" {Jdg 20:35} + "So that all¹ which fellª° that¹ dayª of Benjaminª¹ were¹ twentyª and fiveª thousandª menª that drewª° the sword;ª¹ all¹ these¹ [were] men²¹ of valour.ª" {Jdg 20:46} + "And when the kingª of Moabª sawª° that¹ the battleª was too soreª° for¹ him, he tookª° with¹ him sevenª hundredª menª that drewª° swords,ª to break throughª° [even] unto¹ the kingª of Edom:ª but they couldª° not.¹" {2Kg 3:26} + "And Abijahª and his peopleª slewª° them with a greatª slaughter:ª so there fell downª° slainª of Israelª¹ fiveª hundredª thousandª chosenª° men.ª" {2Ch 13:17} + "For Pekahª the sonª of Remaliahª slewª° in Judahª an hundredª and twentyª thousandª in oneª day,ª [which were] all¹ valiant² men;ª¹ because they had forsakenª°¹ the LORDª Godª of their fathers.ª" {2Ch 28:6} + "And the childrenª of Israelª carried away captiveª° of their brethrenª¹ two hundredª thousand,ª women,ª sons,ª and daughters,ª and took also awayª°¹ muchª spoilª from¹ them, and broughtª°¹ the spoilª to Samaria.ª" {2Ch 28:8} + "Then the angelª of the LORDª went forth,ª° and smoteª° in the campª of the Assyriansª a hundredª and fourscoreª and fiveª thousand:ª and when they arose earlyª° in the morning,ª behold,¹ they [were] all¹ deadª° corpses.ª" {Isa 37:36}

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