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{Judges 7:25} And they took 3920 z8799 two 8147 princes 8269 of the Midianites, 4080 x853 Oreb 6159 and Zeeb; 2062 and they slew 2026 z8799 x853 Oreb 6159 upon the rock 6697 Oreb, 6159 and Zeeb 2062 they slew 2026 z8804 at the winepress 3342 of Zeeb, 2062 and pursued 7291 z8799 x413 Midian, 4080 and brought 935 z8689 the heads 7218 of Oreb 6159 and Zeeb 2062 to x413 Gideon 1439 on the other side 5676 x4480 Jordan. 3383
two princes:
"Godª hath deliveredª° into your handsª¹ the princesª of Midian,ª¹ Orebª and Zeeb:ª and what¹ was I ableª° to doª° in comparison of you? Then¹ their angerª was abatedª° toward¹¹ him, when he had said²¹ that.²°¹" {Jdg 8:3} + "Makeª° their noblesª like Oreb,ª and like Zeeb:ª yea, all¹ their princesª as Zebah,ª and as Zalmunna:ª ... Who¹ said,ª° Let us take¹ to ourselves¹ the housesª of Godª in possession.²°" {Psa 83:11-12}
"And they raisedª° over¹ him a greatª heapª of stonesª unto¹ this¹ day.ª So the LORDª turnedª° from the fiercenessª¹ of his anger.ª Wherefore¹¹ the nameª of that¹ placeª was called,ª° The valleyª of Achor,ª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {Jsh 7:26} + "And the LORDª of hostsª shall stir upª° a scourgeª for¹ him according to the slaughterª of Midianª at the rockª of Oreb:ª and [as] his rodª [was] upon¹ the sea,ª so shall he lift it upª° after the mannerª of Egypt.ª" {Isa 10:26}
Eusebius and Jerome speak of a small place called Araba, three miles west from Scythopolis, which is supposed by some to have had its name from Oreb.
and brought:
Among ancient nations, the head of the conquered chief was usually brought to the conqueror. Thus Pompey's head was brought to Cesar, Cicero's head to Mark Anthony, and the heads of Ahab's children to Jehu. These barbarities are seldom practised now, except among the Mahommedans, or the savages of Africa and America; and for the credit of human nature, it is to be wished that such atrocities had never been committed.
on the other side:
The words maiaiver lyyarden, may denote at the passage of Jordan, or from beyond Jordan. Gideon does not appear to have yet passed the Jordan. "And Gideonª cameª° to Jordan,ª [and] passed over,ª° he,¹ and the threeª hundredª menª that¹ [were] with¹ him, faint,ª yet pursuingª° [them]." {Jdg 8:4}

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