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{Judges 7:15} And it was x1961 [so], when Gideon 1439 heard 8085 z8800 x853 the telling 4557 of the dream, 2472 and the interpretation 7667 thereof, that he worshipped, 7812 z8691 and returned 7725 z8799 into x413 the host 4264 of Israel, 3478 and said, 559 z8799 Arise; 6965 z8798 for x3588 the LORD 3068 hath delivered 5414 z8804 into your hand 3027 x853 the host 4264 of Midian. 4080
interpretation thereof:
Heb. breaking thereof, "And they saidª° unto¹ him, We have dreamedª° a dream,ª and [there is] no¹ interpreterª° of it. And Josephª saidª° unto¹ them, [Do] not¹ interpretationsª [belong] to God?ª tell¹ me²° [them], I pray you.¹" {Gen 40:8} + "And we dreamedª° a dreamª in oneª night,ª I¹ and he;¹ we dreamedª° each manª according to the interpretationª of his dream.ª" {Gen 41:11}
"And the manª bowed down his head,ª° and worshippedª° the LORD.ª ... And he said,ª° Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of my masterª Abraham,ª who¹ hath not¹ left destituteªª°¹ my masterª of his mercyª and his truth:ª I¹ [being] in the way,ª the LORDª led¹ me²° to the houseª of my master'sª brethren.ª" {Gen 24:26-27} + "And I bowed down my head,ª° and worshippedª° the LORD,ª and blessedª°¹ the LORDª Godª of my masterª Abraham,ª which¹ had led¹ me²° in the rightª wayª to takeª°¹ my master'sª brother'sª daughterª unto his son.ª" {Gen 24:48} + "And Aaronª spakeª°¹ all¹ the wordsª which¹ the LORDª had spokenª° unto¹ Moses,ª and didª° the signsª in the sightª of the people.ª ... And the peopleª believed:ª° and when they heardª° that¹ the LORDª had visitedª°¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª and that¹ he had looked²° upon¹¹ their affliction,ª then they bowed their headsª° and worshipped.ª°" {Exd 4:30-31} + "And Jehoshaphatª bowed²° his head¹ with [his] faceª to the ground:ª and all¹ Judahª and the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalemª fellª° beforeª the LORD,ª worshippingª° the LORD.ª ... And the Levites,ª of the childrenª of¹ the Kohathites,ª and of¹ the childrenª of the Korhites,ª stood upª° to praiseª° the LORDª Godª of Israelª with a loudª voiceª on high.ª" {2Ch 20:18-19}
"And Deborahª saidª° unto¹ Barak,ª Up;ª° for¹ this¹ [is] the dayª in which¹ the LORDª hath deliveredª°¹ Siseraª into thine hand:ª is not¹ the LORDª gone outª° beforeª thee? So Barakª went downª° from mountª¹ Tabor,ª and tenª thousandª menª afterª him." {Jdg 4:14} + "(Forª the¹ weaponsª of ourª warfareª [are] notª carnal,ª butª mightyª through Godª toª the pulling downª of strong holds;)ª ... Andª havingª° inª a readinessª to revengeª° allª disobedience,ª whenª yourª obedienceª is fulfilled.ª°" {2Co 10:4-6}

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