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{Judges 7:13} And when Gideon 1439 was come, 935 z8799 behold, x2009 [there was] a man 376 that told 5608 z8764 a dream 2472 unto his fellow, 7453 and said, 559 z8799 Behold, x2009 I dreamed 2492 z8804 a dream, 2472 and, lo, x2009 a cake 6742 z8675 of barley 8184 bread 3899 tumbled 2015 z8693 into the host 4264 of Midian, 4080 and came 935 z8799 unto x5704 a tent, 168 and smote 5221 z8686 it that it fell, 5307 z8799 and overturned 2015 4605 z8799 it, that the tent 168 lay along. 5307 z8804
a cake:
"But when the childrenª of Israelª criedª° unto¹ the LORD,ª the LORDª raised them upª° a deliverer,ª°¹ Ehud²¹ the sonª of Gera,ª a Benjamite,ª¹ a manª lefthanded:ªª¹ and by himª the childrenª of Israelª sentª° a presentª unto Eglonª the kingª of Moab.ª" {Jdg 3:15} + "And afterª him was¹ Shamgarª the sonª of Anath,ª which slewª° of¹ the Philistinesª sixª hundredª menª with an oxª goad:ª and he¹ also¹ deliveredª°¹ Israel.ª" {Jdg 3:31} + "And she said,ª° I will surely²° goª²° with¹ thee: notwithstanding²¹¹ the journeyª that¹ thou¹ takestª° shall not¹ be¹ for thine honour;ª for¹ the LORDª shall sellª°¹ Siseraª into the handª of a woman.ª And Deborahª arose,ª° and went²°¹ with¹ Barakª to Kedesh.ª" {Jdg 4:9} + "Then Jaelª Heber'sª wifeª tookª°¹ a nailª of the tent,ª and tookª°¹ an hammerª in her hand,ª and wentª° softlyª unto¹ him, and smoteª°¹ the nailª into his temples,²¹ and fastenedª° it into the ground:ª for he¹ was fast asleepª° and weary.ª° So he died.ª°" {Jdg 4:21} + "And he saidª° unto¹ him, Ohª my Lord,ª wherewithª shall I saveª°¹ Israel?ª behold,¹ my familyª°² [is] poorª in Manasseh,ª and I¹ [am] the leastª in my father'sª house.ª" {Jdg 6:15} + "Fearª° not,¹ thou wormª Jacob,ª [and] ye menª of Israel;ª I¹ will helpª° thee, saithª° the LORD,ª and thy redeemer,ª° the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª ... Behold,¹ I will makeª° thee a newª sharpª threshing² instrument¹ havingª teeth:ª thou shalt threshª° the mountains,ª and beat [them] small,ª° and shalt makeª° the hillsª as chaff.ª" {Isa 41:14-15} + "Butª Godª hath chosenª° the¹ foolish thingsª of the¹ worldª toª confoundª° the¹ wise;ª andª Godª hath chosenª° the¹ weak thingsª of the¹ worldª toª confoundª° the things which are mighty;ª" {1Co 1:27}

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