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{Judges 7:3} Now x6288 therefore go to, 4994 proclaim 7121 z8798 in the ears 241 of the people, 5971 saying, 559 z8800 Whosoever x4310 [is] fearful 3373 and afraid, 2730 let him return 7725 z8799 and depart early 6852 z8799 from mount 2022 x4480 Gilead. 1568 And there returned 7725 z8799 of x4480 the people 5971 twenty 6242 and two 8147 thousand; 505 and there remained 7604 z8738 ten 6235 thousand. 505
"And the officersª° shall speakª° furtherª° unto¹ the people,ª and they shall say,ª° What¹ manª [is there that is] fearfulª and fainthearted?ªª let him go²°¹ and returnª° unto his house,ª lest¹¹ his brethren'sª heartª faintª° as well as his heart.ª" {Deu 20:8} + "Yetª hath¹ he²° notª rootª inª himself,ª butª dureth²° for a while:ª¹ forª when tribulationª orª persecutionª arisethª° becauseª of the¹ word,ª by and byª he is offended.ª°" {Mtt 13:21} + "Andª there went²° great² multitudes² with¹¹¹ him:ª andª he turned,ª° and saidª° untoª them,ª ... So²¹ likewise,²¹ whosoeverª he be ofª youª thatª forsakethª° notª allª that he hath,ªª° he cannotªª° beª° myª disciple.ª" {Lke 14:25-33} + "Theseª shall make warª° withª the¹ Lamb,ª andª the¹ Lambª shall overcomeª° them:ª forª he isª° Lordª of lords,ª andª Kingª of kings:ª andª they¹ that are withª himª [are] called,ª andª chosen,ª andª faithful.ª" {Rev 17:14} + "Butª the fearful,ª andª unbelieving,ª andª the abominable,ª° andª murderers,ª andª whoremongers,ª andª sorcerers,ª andª idolaters,ª andª allª liars,ª shall have their²¹ partª inª the¹ lakeª which² burnethª° with fireª andª brimstone:ª which isª° the secondª death.ª" {Rev 21:8}
mount Gilead:
Gideon was certainly not at mount Gilead, east of Jordan at this time; but rather near mount Gilboa, west of Jordan. Calmet thinks there must either have been two Gileads, which does not appear from Scripture to have been the case, or that the Hebrew Text is corrupt, and that for Gilead we should read Gilboa. This reading, though adopted by Houbigant, is not confirmed by an manuscript or version. Dr. Hales endeavours to reconcile the whole, by the supposition that in Gideon's army there were many eastern Manassites from mount Gilead, near the Midianites; and therefore proposes to read, "Whosoever from mount Gilead is fearful and afraid, let him return (home) and depart early."
"Soª the¹ lastª shall beª° first,ª andª the¹ firstª last:ª forª manyª beª° called,ª butª fewª chosen.ª" {Mtt 20:16}

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