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{Judges 5:1} Then sang 7891 z8799 Deborah 1683 and Barak 1301 the son 1121 of Abinoam 42 on that x1931 day, 3117 saying, 559 z8800
Sang Deborah:
This verse briefly recites the subject of this inspired song, which consists of eight stanzas: The first opens with a devout thanksgiving. The second describes the magnificent scenes at Mount Sinai, etc. The third states the apostasy and consequent punishment of the Israelites. The fourth contrasts their present happy state. The fifth censures the recreant tribes of Reuben, Gad, etc. The sixth records the defeat of the confederate kings of Canaan. The seventh contains a panegyric on Jael. And the eight describes the fond anticipations and disappointment of the mother of Sisera. "Then¹ sangª° Mosesª and the childrenª of Israelª¹ this¹ songª unto the LORD,ª and spake,ª° saying,ª° I will singª° unto the LORD,ª for¹ he hath triumphed²° gloriously:ª° the horseª and his riderª° hath he thrownª° into the sea.ª" {Exd 15:1} + "And Miriamª answeredª° them, Singª° ye to the LORD,ª for¹ he hath triumphed²° gloriously;ª° the horseª and his riderª° hath he thrownª° into the sea.ª" {Exd 15:21} + "Then¹ Israelª sangª°¹ this¹ song,ª Spring up,ª° O well;ª singª° ye unto it:" {Num 21:17} + "And Hannahª prayed,ª° and said,ª° My heartª rejoicethª° in the LORD,ª mine hornª is exaltedª° in the LORD:ª my mouthª is enlargedª° over¹ mine enemies;ª° because¹ I rejoiceª° in thy salvation.ª" {1Sm 2:1} + "And when he had consultedª° with¹ the people,ª he appointedª° singersª° unto the LORD,ª and that should praiseª° the beautyª of holiness,ª as they went outª° beforeª the army,ª° and to say,ª° Praiseª° the LORD;ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª" {2Ch 20:21} + "Then they returned,ª° every¹ manª of Judahª and Jerusalem,ª and Jehoshaphatª in the forefrontª of them, to go againª° to¹ Jerusalemª with joy;ª for¹ the LORDª had made them to rejoiceª° over their enemies.ª°¹" {2Ch 20:27} + "When the morningª starsª sangª° together,ª and all¹ the sonsª of Godª shouted²° for joy?¹" {Job 38:7} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° [A Psalm] of David,ª the servantª of the LORD,ª who¹ spakeª° unto the LORDª¹ the wordsª of this¹ songª in the dayª [that] the LORDª deliveredª° him from the handª¹ of all¹ his enemies,ª° and from the handª¹ of Saul:ª And he said,]]ª° I will loveª° thee, O LORD,ª my strength.ª" {Psa 18:1} *title "And in that¹ dayª thou shalt say,ª° O LORD,ª I will praiseª° thee: though¹ thou wast angryª° with me, thine angerª is turned away,ª° and thou comfortedstª° me. ... Cry outª° and shout,ª° thou inhabitantª° of Zion:ª for¹ greatª [is] the Holy Oneª of Israelª in the midstª of thee." {Isa 12:1-6} + "O LORD,ª thou¹ [art] my God;ª I will exaltª° thee, I will praiseª° thy name;ª for¹ thou hast doneª° wonderfulª [things; thy] counselsª of oldª¹ [are] faithfulnessª [and] truth.ª" {Isa 25:1} + "In that¹ dayª shall this¹ songª be sungª° in the landª of Judah;ª We have a strongª city;ª salvationª will [God] appointª° [for] wallsª and bulwarks.ª" {Isa 26:1} + "Andª Maryª said,ª° Myª soulª doth magnifyª° the¹ Lord,ª" {Lke 1:46} + "Andª hisª fatherª Zachariasª was filledª° with the Holyª Ghost,ª andª prophesied,ª° saying,ª° ... Blessedª [be] the Lordª Godª of Israel;ª forª he hath visitedª° andª redeemedª¹ his²¹ people,ª²°" {Lke 1:67-68} + "Andª they singª° the¹ songª of Mosesª the¹ servantª of God,ª andª the¹ songª of the¹ Lamb,ª saying,ª° Greatª andª marvellousª [are] thyª works,ª Lordª Godª Almighty;ª justª andª trueª [are] thyª ways,ª thou Kingª of saints.ª ... Whoª shall²° notª fearª° thee,ª O Lord,ª andª glorifyª° thyª name?ª forª [thou] only²¹ [art] holy:ª forª allª nationsª shall comeª° andª worshipª° beforeª thee;ª forª thyª judgmentsª are made manifest.ª°" {Rev 15:3-4} + "Andª afterª these thingsª I heardª° a greatª voiceª of muchª peopleª inª heaven,ª saying,ª° Alleluia;ª Salvation,ª andª glory,ª andª honour,ª andª power,ª unto the Lordª ourª God:ª ... Andª againª they said,ª° Alleluia.ª Andª her²¹ smokeª rose upª° for² ever² and ever.ª¹" {Rev 19:1-3}

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