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{Judges 3:4} And they were x1961 to prove 5254 z8763 x853 Israel 3478 by them, to know 3045 z8800 whether they would hearken 8085 z8799 unto x853 the commandments 4687 of the LORD, 3068 which x834 he commanded 6680 z8765 x853 their fathers 1 by the hand 3027 of Moses. 4872
to prove:
"Now these¹ [are] the nationsª which¹ the LORDª left,²°¹ to proveª°¹ Israelª by them, [even]¹ as many¹¹ [of Israel] as had not¹ knownª°¹ all¹ the warsª of Canaan;ª" {Jdg 3:1} + "That¹ through them I may proveª°¹ Israel,ª whether they¹ will keepª°¹ the wayª of the LORDª to walk²°¹ therein, as¹ their fathersª did keepª° [it], or¹ not.¹" {Jdg 2:22} + "And he criedª° unto¹ the LORD;ª and the LORDª shewedª° him a tree,ª [which] when he had castª° into¹ the waters,ª the watersª were made sweet:ª° there¹ he madeª° for them a statuteª and an ordinance,ª and there¹ he provedª° them," {Exd 15:25} + "And of Leviª he said,ª° [Let] thy Thummimª and thy Urimª [be] with thy holyª one,ª whom¹ thou didst proveª° at Massah,ª [and with] whom thou didst striveª° at¹ the watersª of Meribah;ª" {Deu 33:8} + "Forª there mustª° beª° alsoª heresiesª amongª you,ª thatª they which are approvedª may be madeª° manifestª amongª you.ª" {1Co 11:19} + "[Even him], whoseª comingª isª° afterª the workingª of Satanª withª allª powerª andª signsª andª lyingª wonders,ª ... Thatª they allª might be damnedª° who² believedª° notª the¹ truth,ª butª had pleasureª° inª unrighteousness.ª¹" {2Th 2:9-12}

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