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{Joshua 24:25} So Joshua 3091 made 3772 z8799 a covenant 1285 with the people 5971 that x1931 day, 3117 and set 7760 z8799 them a statute 2706 and an ordinance 4941 in Shechem. 7927
"And he criedª° unto¹ the LORD;ª and the LORDª shewedª° him a tree,ª [which] when he had castª° into¹ the waters,ª the watersª were made sweet:ª° there¹ he madeª° for them a statuteª and an ordinance,ª and there¹ he provedª° them," {Exd 15:25} + "And Mosesª cameª° and toldª° the peopleª¹ all¹ the wordsª of the LORD,ª and all¹ the judgments:ª and all¹ the peopleª answeredª° with oneª voice,ª and said,ª° All¹ the wordsª which¹ the LORDª hath saidª° will we do.ª°" {Exd 24:3} + "And he tookª° the bookª of the covenant,ª and readª° in the audienceª of the people:ª and they said,ª° All¹ that¹ the LORDª hath saidª° will we do,ª° and be obedient.ª° ... And Mosesª tookª°¹ the blood,ª and sprinkledª° [it] on¹ the people,ª and said,ª° Behold¹ the bloodª of the covenant,ª which¹ the LORDª hath madeª° with¹ you concerning¹ all¹ these¹ words.ª" {Exd 24:7-8} + "The LORDª our Godª madeª° a covenantª with¹ us in Horeb.ª ... The LORDª madeª° not¹¹ this¹ covenantª with¹ our fathers,ª but¹ with¹ us,² [even] us,¹ who¹ [are] all¹ of us² here¹ aliveª this day.ª" {Deu 5:2-3} + "These¹ [are] the wordsª of the covenant,ª which¹ the LORDª commandedª°¹ Mosesª to makeª° with¹ the childrenª of Israelª in the landª of Moab,ª beside¹¹ the covenantª which¹ he madeª° with¹ them in Horeb.ª" {Deu 29:1} + "Ye¹ standª° this dayª all¹ of you beforeª the LORDª your God;ª your captainsª of your tribes,ª your elders,ª and your officers,ª° [with] all¹ the menª of Israel,ª ... But¹ with¹ [him] that¹ standethª° here¹ with¹ us this² dayª beforeª the LORDª our God,ª and also with¹ [him] that¹ [is] not¹ here¹ with¹ us this day:ª" {Deu 29:10-15} + "And Jehoiadaª madeª°¹ a covenantª between¹ the LORDª and the kingª and the people,ª that they should be¹ the LORD'Sª people;ª between¹ the kingª also and the people.ª" {2Kg 11:17} + "And they enteredª° into a covenantª to seekª°¹ the LORDª Godª of their fathersª with all¹ their heartª and with all¹ their soul;ª" {2Ch 15:12} + "And all¹ Judahª rejoicedª° at¹ the oath:ª for¹ they had swornª° with all¹ their heart,ª and soughtª° him with their whole¹ desire;ª and he was foundª° of them: and the LORDª gave them restª° round about.ª¹" {2Ch 15:15} + "And Jehoiadaª madeª° a covenantª between¹ him, and between¹ all¹ the people,ª and between¹ the king,ª that they should be¹ the LORD'Sª people.ª" {2Ch 23:16} + "Now¹ [it is] in¹ mine heartª to makeª° a covenantª with the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª that his fierceª wrathª may turn awayª° from¹ us." {2Ch 29:10} + "Then the kingª sentª° and gathered togetherª°¹ all¹ the eldersª of Judahª and Jerusalem.ª ... And he caused¹ all¹ that were presentª° in Jerusalemª and Benjaminª to standª° [to it]. And the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalemª didª° according to the covenantª of God,ª the Godª of their fathers.ª" {2Ch 34:29-32} + "And because of all¹ this¹ we¹ makeª° a sureª [covenant], and writeª° [it]; and our princes,ª Levites,ª [and] priests,ª sealª°¹ [unto it]." {Neh 9:38} + "And the restª of the people,ª the priests,ª the Levites,ª the porters,ª the singers,ª° the Nethinims,ª and all¹ they that had separated²° themselves¹ from the peopleª¹ of the landsª unto¹ the lawª of God,ª their wives,ª their sons,ª and their daughters,ª every¹ one having knowledge,ª° and having understanding;ª° ... They claveª° to¹ their brethren,ª their nobles,ª and enteredª° into a curse,ª and into an oath,ª to walk²°¹ in God'sª law,ª which¹ was givenª° byª Mosesª the servantª of God,ª and to observeª° and doª°¹ all¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª our Lord,ª and his judgmentsª and his statutes;ª" {Neh 10:28-29}
in Shechem:
"And Joshuaª gatheredª°¹ all¹ the tribesª of Israelª to Shechem,ª and calledª° for the eldersª of Israel,ª and for their heads,ª and for their judges,ª° and for their officers;ª° and they presented²° themselves¹ beforeª God.ª" {Jsh 24:1} + "And Joshuaª wroteª° these¹¹ wordsª in the bookª of the lawª of God,ª and tookª° a greatª stone,ª and set it upª° there¹ under¹ an oak,ª that¹ [was] by the sanctuaryª of the LORD.ª" {Jsh 24:26}

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