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{Joshua 24:19} And Joshua 3091 said 559 z8799 unto x413 the people, 5971 Ye cannot 3201 z8799 x3808 serve 5647 z8800 x853 the LORD: 3068 for x3588 he x1931 [is] an holy 6918 God; 430 he x1931 [is] a jealous 7072 God; 410 he will not x3808 forgive 5375 z8799 your transgressions 6588 nor your sins. 2403
Ye cannot:
"Now¹ therefore put away,ª° [said he], the¹ strangeª godsª which¹ [are] amongª you, and inclineª°¹ your heartª unto¹ the LORDª Godª of Israel.ª" {Jsh 24:23} + "And she said,ª° Behold,¹ thy sister in lawª is gone backª° unto¹ her people,ª and unto¹ her gods:ª returnª° thou afterª thy sister in law.ª" {Rth 1:15} + "No manª canª° serveª° twoª masters:ª forª eitherª he will hateª° the¹ one,ª andª loveª° the¹ other;ª or¹ else² he will holdª° to the one,ª andª despiseª° the¹ other.ª Ye cannotªª° serveª° Godª andª mammon.ª" {Mtt 6:24} + "Andª there went²° great² multitudes² with¹¹¹ him:ª andª he turned,ª° and saidª° untoª them,ª ... So²¹ likewise,²¹ whosoeverª he be ofª youª thatª forsakethª° notª allª that he hath,ªª° he cannotªª° beª° myª disciple.ª" {Lke 14:25-33}
"Then Mosesª saidª° unto¹ Aaron,ª This¹ [is it] that¹ the LORDª spake,ª° saying,ª° I will be sanctifiedª° in them that come nighª me, and beforeª¹ all¹ the peopleª I will be glorified.ª° And Aaronª held his peace.ª°" {Lev 10:3} + "Speakª° unto¹ all¹ the congregationª of the childrenª of Israel,ª and sayª° unto¹ them, Ye shall be¹ holy:ª for¹ I¹ the LORDª your Godª [am] holy.ª" {Lev 19:2} + "And the men²¹ of Bethshemeshª said,ª° Who¹ is ableª° to standª° beforeª this¹ holyª LORDª God?ª and to¹ whom¹ shall he go upª° from¹¹ us?" {1Sm 6:20} + "Exaltª° ye the LORDª our God,ª and worshipª° at his footstool;ªª [for] he¹ [is] holy.ª" {Psa 99:5} + "Exaltª° the LORDª our God,ª and worshipª° at his holyª hill;ª for¹ the LORDª our Godª [is] holy.ª" {Psa 99:9} + "But the LORDª of hostsª shall be exaltedª° in judgment,ª and Godª that is holyª shall be sanctifiedª° in righteousness.ª" {Isa 5:16} + "And one criedª° unto¹¹ another,¹ and said,ª° Holy,ª holy,ª holy,ª [is] the LORDª of hosts:ª the whole¹ earthª [is] fullª of his glory.ª ... Then saidª° I, Woeª [is] me! for¹ I am undone;ª° because¹ I¹ [am] a manª of uncleanª lips,ª and I¹ dwellª° in the midstª of a peopleª of uncleanª lips:ª for¹ mine eyesª have seenª°¹ the King,ª the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Isa 6:3-5} + "Get¹ you out²° of¹ the way,ª turn asideª° out of¹ the path,ª cause¹ the Holy Oneª of Israelª to ceaseª° from beforeª¹ us." {Isa 30:11} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª the Holy Oneª of Israel;ª In returningª and restª shall ye be saved;ª° in quietnessª° and in confidenceª shall be¹ your strength:ª and ye wouldª° not.¹" {Isa 30:15} + "[Thou art] of purerª eyesª than to beholdª°¹ evil,ª and canstª° not¹ lookª° on¹ iniquity:ª wherefore¹ lookestª° thou upon them that deal treacherously,ª° [and] holdest thy tongueª° when the wickedª devourethª° [the man that is] more righteousª than¹ he?" {Hab 1:13}
a jealous:
"Thou shalt not¹ bow down²° thyself¹ to them, nor¹ serveª° them: for¹ I¹ the LORDª thy Godª [am] a jealousª God,ª visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the childrenª unto¹ the thirdª and fourthª [generation] of them that hateª° me;" {Exd 20:5} + "For¹ thou shalt worshipª° no¹ otherª god:ª for¹ the LORD,ª whose nameª [is] Jealous,ª [is] a jealousª God:ª" {Exd 34:14} + "Butª I [say], thatª the things whichª the¹ Gentilesª sacrifice,ª° they sacrificeª° to devils,ª andª notª to God:ª andª I wouldª° notª that yeª should haveª° fellowshipª with devils.ª ... Do we¹ provoke²²° the Lord² to jealousy?ª°¹¹ are¹ we²°¹ stronger¹ than²² he?ª" {1Co 10:20-22}
he will not:
"Bewareª° ofª¹ him, and obeyª° his voice,ª provokeª° him not;¹ for¹ he will not¹ pardonª° your transgressions:ª for¹ my nameª [is] in¹ him.²" {Exd 23:21} + "Keepingª° mercyª for thousands,ª forgivingª° iniquityª and transgressionª and sin,ª and that will by no means²° clearª°¹ [the guilty]; visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the children,ª and upon¹ the children'sª children,¹ unto¹ the thirdª and to¹ the fourthª [generation]." {Exd 34:7} + "And therefore¹ I have swornª° unto the houseª of Eli,ª that the iniquityª of Eli'sª houseª shall not¹ be purgedª° with sacrificeª nor offeringª for² ever.ª¹" {1Sm 3:14} + "But they mockedª°¹ the messengersª of God,ª and despisedª° his words,ª and misusedª° his prophets,ª until¹ the wrathª of the LORDª aroseª° against his people,ª till¹ [there was] no¹ remedy.ª" {2Ch 36:16} + "When the boughsª thereof are withered,ª° they shall be broken off:ª° the womenª come,ª° [and] set them on fire:ª°¹ for¹ it [is] a peopleª of no¹ understanding:ª therefore¹¹ he¹ that madeª° them will not¹ have mercyª° on them, and he that formedª° them will shew them no favour.ª°¹" {Isa 27:11}

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