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{Joshua 24:15} And if x518 it seem evil 7489 z8804 unto you y4310 x5869 to serve 5647 z8800 x853 the LORD, 3068 choose 977 z8798 you this day 3117 x853 whom y5869 x4310 ye will serve; 5647 z8799 whether x518 x853 the gods 430 which x834 your fathers 1 served 5647 z8804 that x834 [were] on the other side 5676 of the flood, 5104 or x518 x853 the gods 430 of the Amorites, 567 in whose land 776 ye x859 dwell: 3427 z8802 but as for me x595 and my house, 1004 we will serve 5647 z8799 x853 the LORD. 3068
"And she said,ª° Behold,¹ thy sister in lawª is gone backª° unto¹ her people,ª and unto¹ her gods:ª returnª° thou afterª thy sister in law.ª ... And Ruthª said,ª° Intreatª° me not¹ to leaveª° thee, [or] to returnª° from following afterª¹ thee: for¹ whither¹¹ thou goest,²°¹ I will go;²°¹ and where¹ thou lodgest,ª° I will lodge:ª° thy peopleª [shall be] my people,ª and thy Godª my God:ª" {Rth 1:15-16} + "And Elijahª cameª° unto¹ all¹ the people,ª and said,ª° How long²¹¹ haltª° ye¹ between¹ twoª opinions?ª if¹ the LORDª [be] God,ª follow¹¹ him: but if¹ Baal,ª [then] followª²°¹ him. And the peopleª answeredª° him not¹ a word.ª" {1Kg 18:21} + "As for you,¹ O houseª of Israel,ª thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Go²°¹ ye, serveª° ye every oneª his idols,ª and hereafterª [also], if¹ ye will not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ me: but polluteª° ye my holyª nameª no¹ more¹ with your gifts,ª and with your idols.ª" {Ezk 20:39} + "Thenª saidª° Jesusª unto the¹ twelve,ª² Willª°¹ yeª alsoª go away?ª°" {Jhn 6:67}
whether the gods:
"Now therefore¹ fearª°¹ the LORD,ª and serveª° him in sincerityª and in truth:ª and put awayª°¹ the godsª which¹ your fathersª servedª° on the other sideª of the flood,ª and in Egypt;ª and serveª° ye¹ the LORD.ª" {Jsh 24:14}
or the gods:
"Thou shalt not¹ bow downª° to their gods,ª nor¹ serveª° them, nor¹ doª° after their works:ª but¹ thou shalt utterly²° overthrowª° them, and quite²° break downª° their images.ª" {Exd 23:24} + "Thou shalt makeª° no¹ covenantª with them, nor with their gods.ª ... They shall not¹ dwellª° in thy land,ª lest¹ they make thee sinª°¹ against me: for¹ if thou serveª°¹ their gods,ª it will surely¹ be¹ a snareª unto thee." {Exd 23:32-33} + "Lest¹ thou makeª° a covenantª with the inhabitantsª° of the land,ª and they go a whoringª° afterª their gods,ª and do sacrificeª° unto their gods,ª and [one] callª° thee, and thou eatª° of his sacrifice;ª¹" {Exd 34:15} + "[Namely], of the godsª¹ of the peopleª which¹ [are] round aboutª you, nighª unto¹ thee, or¹ far offª from¹ thee, from the [one] endª¹ of the earthª even unto¹ the [other] endª of the earth;ª" {Deu 13:7} + "Lest¹ there should beª among you man,ª or¹ woman,ª or¹ family,ª or¹ tribe,ª whose¹ heartª turneth awayª° this dayª from¹¹ the LORDª our God,ª to go²°¹ [and] serveª°¹ the godsª of these¹ nations;ª lest¹ there should beª among you a rootª that bearethª° gallª and wormwood;ª" {Deu 29:18} + "And I saidª° unto you, I¹ [am] the LORDª your God;ª fearª° not¹¹ the godsª of the Amorites,ª in whose¹ landª ye¹ dwell:ª° but ye have not¹ obeyedª° my voice.ª" {Jdg 6:10}
as for me:
"For¹ I knowª° him, thatª¹ he will commandª°¹ his childrenª and his householdª after¹ him,² and they shall keepª° the wayª of the LORD,ª to doª° justiceª and judgment;ª that¹ the LORDª may bringª° upon¹ Abrahamª¹ that which¹ he hath spokenª° of¹ him." {Gen 18:19} + "I will behave myself wiselyª° in a perfectª way.ª O when¹ wilt thou comeª° unto¹ me? I will walkª° withinª my houseª with a perfectª heart.ª" {Psa 101:2} + "I have sworn,ª° and I will performª° [it], that I will keepª° thy righteousª judgments.ª" {Psa 119:106} + "Thy testimoniesª have I taken as an heritageª° for ever:ª for¹ they¹ [are] the rejoicingª of my heart.ª ... I have inclinedª° mine heartª to performª° thy statutesª alway,ª [even unto] the end.ª" {Psa 119:111-112} + "Thenª Simonª Peterª answeredª° him,ª Lord,ª toª whomª shall we go?ª° thou hastª° the wordsª of eternalª life.ª" {Jhn 6:68} + "Who,ª when he came,ª° andª had seenª° the¹ graceª of God,ª was glad,ª° andª exhortedª° them all,ª that with purposeª of heartª they would cleave untoª° the¹ Lord.ª" {Act 11:23}

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