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{Joshua 3:15} And as they that bare 5375 z8802 the ark 727 were come 935 z8800 unto x5704 Jordan, 3383 and the feet 7272 of the priests 3548 that bare 5375 z8802 the ark 727 were dipped 2881 z8738 in the brim 7097 of the water, 4325 (for Jordan 3383 overfloweth 4390 z8804 x5921 all x3605 his banks 1415 all x3605 the time 3117 of harvest,) 7105
the feet:
"And it shall come to pass,¹ as soon as the solesª of the feetª of the priestsª that bearª° the arkª of the LORD,ª the Lordª of all¹ the earth,ª shall restª° in the watersª of Jordan,ª [that] the watersª of Jordanª shall be cut offª° [from] the watersª that come downª° from above;ª¹ and they shall standª° upon anª heap.ª" {Jsh 3:13} + "The footª shall tread it down,ª° [even] the feetª of the poor,ª [and] the stepsª of the needy.ª" {Isa 26:6}
Jordan overfloweth:
The ordinary current of the Jordan, near where the Israelites crossed, is said by Maundrell, to be about twenty yards across, deeper than a man's height, and so rapid, that there is no swimming against it. It has, however, two banks; the first, or inner one, is that of the river in its natural state, and the second, or outer one, about a furlong distant, is that of its overflowings, which it does when the summer's sun has melted the snow on mount Lebanon and Hermon, in the months of March and April. And this was the time which God chose that the Israelites should pass over it; that a miraculous interposition might be necessary; and that, by the miracle, they might be convinced of his omnipotence. "And it came to pass,¹ when the priestsª that bareª° the arkª of the covenantª of the LORDª were come upª° out of the midstª¹ of Jordan,ª [and] the solesª of the priests'ª feetª were lifted upª° unto¹ the dry land,ª that the watersª of Jordanª returnedª° unto their place,ª and flowed²°¹ over¹ all¹ his banks,ª asª [they did] before.ª" {Jsh 4:18} + "These¹ [are] they¹ that¹ went overª°¹ Jordanª in the firstª month,ª when it¹ had overflownª°¹ all¹ his banks;ª²° and they put to flightª°¹ all¹ [them] of the valleys,ª [both] toward the east,ª and toward the west.ª" {1Ch 12:15} + "If¹ thou hast runª° with¹ the footmen,ª and they have weariedª° thee, then how¹ canst thou contendª° with¹ horses?ª and [if] in the landª of peace,ª [wherein] thou¹ trustedst,ª° [they wearied thee], then how¹ wilt thou doª° in the swellingª of Jordan?ª" {Jer 12:5} + "Behold,¹ he shall come upª° like a lionª from the swellingª¹ of Jordanª against¹ the habitationª of the strong:ª but¹ I will suddenlyª° make him run awayª° from¹¹ her: and who¹ [is] a chosenª° [man, that] I may appointª° over¹ her? for¹ who¹ [is] like me?¹ and who¹ will appoint¹ me the time?²° and who¹ [is] that¹ shepherdª° that¹ will standª° beforeª me?" {Jer 49:19}
all the time:
"And the childrenª of Israelª encampedª° in Gilgal,ª and keptª°¹ the passoverª on the fourteenthªª dayª of the monthª at evenª in the plainsª of Jericho.ª ... And the mannaª ceasedª° on the morrowª¹ after they had eatenª° of the old cornª¹ of the land;ª neither¹ had¹ the childrenª of Israelª mannaª any more;¹ but they did eatª° of the fruitª¹ of the landª of Canaanª that¹ year.ª" {Jsh 5:10-12} + "Speakª° unto¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª and sayª° unto¹ them, When¹ ye be comeª° into¹ the landª which¹ I¹ giveª° unto you, and shall reapª°¹ the harvestª thereof, then ye shall bringª°¹ a sheafª of the firstfruitsª of your harvestª unto¹ the priest:ª ... Even untoª the morrowª¹ after the seventhª sabbathª shall ye numberª° fiftyª days;ª and ye shall offerª° a newª meat offeringª unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 23:10-16} + "Observeª°¹ the monthª of Abib,ª and keepª° the passoverª unto the LORDª thy God:ª for¹ in the monthª of Abibª the LORDª thy Godª brought thee forthª° out of Egyptª¹ by night.ª ... Sevenª weeksª shalt thou numberª° unto thee: beginª° to numberª° the sevenª weeksª from [such time as] thou beginnestª°¹ [to put] the sickleª to the corn.ª" {Deu 16:1-9}

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